Stages of maritime transport | import of nuts

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Responsible for coordination with shippingResponsible for shipping problemsDifferences in shipping and sales rulesAbbreviations in tradeTime and method of paying shipping costsResponsible for load breakdown

Stages of maritime transport | import of nuts

Responsible for coordination with shipping

One of the most important issues is when and where and to whom you should deliver the goods. From the moment the customer is ready to receive the product, he makes the necessary arrangements with the shipping company. That goods be loaded on a specific day and on a specific port and wharf.

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At this specific time, the ship is ready to load at the wharf, and you, who are the seller, must deliver the cargo to the shipping ship on this day and at this specific time and at the specific wharf. The customer specifies when he intends to receive the goods and all these points are written in the contracts.

Responsible for shipping problems

Once you have delivered the cargo to the pre-designated port and the ship was not there, you can contact your customer and, if possible, coordinate with another shipping company and send the cargo. If you ship the cargo and the shipping company did not intend to pick up the goods and move, it is the customer’s responsibility.

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When you send the cargo on time and the ship is not present, the customer is responsible for costs and damages. But when you send the cargo late and the ship leaves before you arrive, or sometimes it happens that the ship arrives ahead of time. Wherever the seller is at fault, the costs and damages are borne by the seller, and if you are at fault, you are.

Differences in shipping and sales rules

In transportation laws, the story of a transaction and finance is different from the story of a sale and a shipping. In order to buy a light bulb, you must first pay for it and then receive the light bulb. Transportation in Iran has a different story. First the cargo must move and reach the destination and then the fare must be paid.

Abbreviations in trade

There are a number of terms, such as Bandar Abbas in Iran, which is written as IRBND. So he does not need to write ports and some terms completely. Steps of cargo transportation from factory to destination
It is a shipping carrier. You have to deliver the cargo to the shipping company. Your customer determines which shipping cargo will be delivered and at which port and wharf. It also determines the time and day, and you load the cargo from the factory and ship it to the port and the same port specified by the buyer.

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Time and method of paying shipping costs

In FOB, the shipping cost is with the customer and not with the seller. The customer may ask you to arrange shipping instead, in which case you can make the necessary arrangements, but the cost is borne by the customer. So you receive the cost from the buyer and pay for shipping.

Responsible for load breakdown

If the cargo breaks during transportation, if it breaks before being placed on the deck of the ship, the risk is the responsibility of the seller, and if it breaks after being placed on the deck of the ship, the cargo is checked! If the cargo is not packaged according to the usual standards, it is still your responsibility and otherwise it is the customer’s responsibility. Packaging methods are also important. Most customers request an inspection.