Selling almond kernels in Dorinam company

Selling almond kernels in Dorinam company – Almond kernels are sold at Dorinam Company. We offer you almond kernels in high tonnage. Almond kernels in Drinam Company are made to nuts and nut sellers for domestic sale and to distribution and export companies for foreign export.


Almond and dried fruit export companies and distribution companies and dried fruit sellers can receive their almonds from us. With wholesale price and original quality. We receive and deliver almonds directly from the major producer.


Selling bulk almond kernels in Dorinam company
In Dorinam Badam Company, all kinds of Iranian tree almonds are sold in bulk. You can get all kinds of Iranian almonds دور at a reasonable price from Dorinam company. We export Iranian quality almonds to different countries. You can also contact us for bulk import of almonds.



Almond kernel sales center
If you are looking for a center for buying and selling almond kernels , contact us. As you can see, Dorinam Badam’s sites rank high in Google searches. In the same way, we guarantee the high quality of our almonds. We will supply your requested almonds in any quality and in any tonnage you want and to any country to which you decide to import almonds.

Types of almond kernels
In our country (Iran) there are different types of almonds. But not all almonds are suitable for almond kernels. Almonds should be used that can be consumed easily and without headaches. Therefore, almonds with skin can not be used in almond kernels.
Dorinam Company is in contact with the main suppliers of almond production. Supplying all kinds of almonds and your bulk by Dorinam company in any tonnage is quite possible for the company.


*You can contact us to buy this product* +(98)9120992779

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