About Us

Everything started in 2016, when we decided to introduce the most magnificent heritage of Iran, its nuts and dried fruits, which are like rare gems, to the world under the name NUTEX.

Pouya Trading Company with 3 reliable and standard brands (FSSC 22000, HALAL); Today, it is one of the safest and leading global producers, suppliers and exporters of high quality nuts and dried fruit for the food industry. We offer products that add distinctive flavor, texture, visual appeal and nutritional appeal to a wide variety of delicious foods, desserts and beverages.

Some of the largest and most respected food companies in the world include our exceptional dried fruits in their products and menu items. Premium quality dry fruits, excellent service, reliable supply and joint innovation make it easy for customers to smile.

At NUTEX, we are committed to providing quality and rich products, regardless of whether it means going the extra mile. When you walk through our entrances, we do everything we can to make everyone feel comfortable, given the fact that we are a global family.

What do we do?

Pouya Trade Company,is a leading company with the core service in the export of nuts.
Our products include pistachios,pistachio kernels, raisins, saffron, dates, as well as a variety of dried fruitss.
We can offer you the best conditions for transport and goods, as our team works closely with the manufacturer.

Products are processed under our own private plants and under our own supervision with quality control system and packed under hygienic conditions as per customer requirements with our brand Nutex (or customer private label).
All our products are subject to prior shipment analysis by official labs. to make sure that it meets the destination country food safety standards such as aflatoxins, salmonella bacteria level, pesticide residue level, accepted at customer country or as specific analysis stipulated by customer.
In addition, we ensure that our quality products are delivered quickly, easily and reliably at a fair price.

We do our best to implement the wishes of our customers in Asia, Europe and other countries with regard to production, transport, production handover and packaging. Our daily incentive is satisfied customers.

Why Nutex products?

Nutex is a Manufacturing and Trading Group that operates in Iran.diversified business . The Group’s Businesses include ِNuts and Dried fruitsTrading, Manufacturing & Processing and packaging.
Our Commodity Manufacturing and Trading Operations have been bringing harvests from the fields of Asia(Iran) to the households of world for more than 10 years. We operate an extensive commodity trading model with our presence across the entire value chain. We focus on the quality of our offerings ensuring that all our business partners continue to work with us over the years. Our Supply Chain has been perfected over the years and is also consistently improving to meet the modern requirements and standards.

Our Manufacturing & Processing Facilities cater to local and international requirements of our customers with whom we have nurtured a relationship built on the pillars of Trust, Commitment and Reliability.


Quality of products 96%
Customer Satisfaction 92%
Presence in foreign markets 80%
Do not hesitate to contact the Nutex team for your interest or inquiries and orders.