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About Us Nutex (Pooya Tejarat Company)

What do we do?

Pooya Tejarat Company, relying on world-class knowledge, experience and equipment and with more than 10 years of experience with brands (Shadiz Dorinam Nutex) in the field of exporting Iranian nuts to 5 continents and importing foreign nuts to Iran is active. Mainly, this group with high ability and experience in this field, cooperation with groups of domestic and foreign nuts production activists has been able to offer quality products at reasonable prices and be among the best producers, exporters and importers of nuts.

With God’s help, the team of Tejarat Pooya Company imports and sells foreign products with domestic brands (Dorinam and Shadiz) in Iran, and with the global brand (Nutex) Iranian nuts such as: Pistachios, Pistachio Kernels, Raisins, Dates, Almonds, figs. Distributes saffron and other nuts widely in world markets. We have always put high quality, honesty in domestic and global trade, increasing development, in the direction of customer satisfaction as our priority.

We are very proud that we have been able to take an effective step to meet the needs of markets (domestic and international). Our production and trade team uses its experience in the nuts and dried fruits business to guide you in choosing and buying the product. Our customers will receive nothing but the best from us. Our goal is to improve the quality of dried fruit products in Iran and global markets. In addition to extensive activities in the field of supply and export of Iranian nuts from the country and meet the needs of Asian, European, Asian and 5 continents, we were able to offer these products to our dear Iranian compatriots in the domestic market. We offer our products to buyers based on the latest world standards.


The management of Pooya Tejarat Company, using advanced machines and experienced personnel as a new system, has created all stages of production, marketing and proper supply of its products and has succeeded in receiving ISO 9001 certification in the field of quality and quality management of the company. BRC / FSSC22000 / IFS Certifications – Food Safety Certification, this complex has several large production and processing centers separately and in each season has the capacity to produce more than one hundred thousand tons of nuts in various packages.

Why Nutex products?

We have established with the aim of creating a healthy and transparent system for the supply, sale, and export of Iranian nuts and dried fruits to the world. Nutex is known as one of the largest suppliers of Iranian nuts and dried fruits in the world. We have wide access to all Iranian farmers and we supply our products from the best-registered farms. Tejarat Pooya Group has done its best to supply organic products from certified farms approved by the Ministry of World Health and the Food and Drug Administration and has been successful in achieving this goal. The company is one of the most important commercial centers for the export of nuts and dried fruits by using the best products of Iranian farms.

We strive to create a stable supply chain and maintain quality and price in cooperation with our customers by providing on time. The mission of Pouya Trading Company is to be the golden ring of the world food supply chain as well as to help others with confidence and meet the needs of this chain. 


Food safety is our top priority.

As the new generation of this family of pistachio Manufacturer, we are determined to step into the next trend of the supply chain. We make our way to export and distribute worldwide under our supervision. That was the ultimate goal.

Bridges that span the globe

We consider this to be the period when Nutex pistachios really flourished. Theoretical pistachios were proudly recognized as the largest exporter of green nuts in the Middle East from 2010 to 2011.

Food safety is our top priority.

Of course, each path to success has its ups and downs, and Nutex pistachios were no exception. Therefore, all our activities have been planned. We took advantage of opportunities to plan and organize short-term and long-term goals to build strong focus.


Nutex Pistachio in the form of Pouya Trading Company operated in Iran and in global markets 10 years before globalization. Our quality control experts have enabled us to meet the demands of our customers in terms of quality and safety standards around the world.

Quality is our first priority

Production and Maintenance

We know that the process of pistachio production does not end in the processing stage. Proper storage of the product is an important part of the production process. The storage condition has a direct impact on the quality of the product that will later be delivered to the customer.


Storage temperature and humidity are important factors and in our facilities, they are constantly monitored using control equipment. Regular and ongoing inspection of the storage conditions of pistachio products is one of our main actions in Nutex Pistachio.


After sorting, in order to ensure the health and freshness of pistachio products, they should be stored at a certain temperature and humidity until the shipment.


Tejarat Pooya va tose Paydar Fajr Company, relying on the knowledge, experience and equipment of the world and with more than 15 years of experience with brands (Shadiz – Dorinam – Nutex) active in the field of export and import of nuts and dried fruits is mainly this collection with the ability and experience High in this field and cooperation with a group of actors in the production of nuts has been able to offer quality products at reasonable prices and be among the best exporters of nuts and dried fruits. 

We have several storages in different locations to facilitate the process and make the deliveries faster and more punctual.


With, having three generations of farming experience, we rely on our farms and the community of our certified farmers to deliver the pistachios with finest quality.





Quality of products 96%
Customer Satisfaction 92%
Presence in foreign markets 80%