Founding Managers of Pouya Trade Company
Abuzar Amiri is the founder of Nutex

Mr. Abouzar Amiri

Majed Farhani is the founder of Nutex

Mr. Majed Farhani

Founders & Senior Managers of Pouya Trade.Co

NUTEX brand owners

SHADIZVA brand owners

DORINAM brand owners

Some of the views of the founding managers of Pouya Trade Company...
We are grateful to our Lord for giving us the blessing of serving the world and our country as an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are the ones who try to create jobs and make a living, they start from the lowest but they start, they accept the lows and highs with their whole heart and take steps in the path of creating change. Even if it is on the path of the lows, they are sure that the heights of the path will make them proud in the end, provided that they make continuous efforts with firm and determined steps. Strong trees always sprout from small seeds and grow magnificently. God's destiny has been that we have authority and start from a small point and tirelessly work day and night for success. We plan wisely and execute with energy and confidence, we operate with thought and power of reason and we value our customers the most, because all our capital is our customers. We believe in our God, He is the one who is with us in all our affairs and is aware of everything. Today, I am trying to take advice from the past in order to create an advantage for ourselves in the future, and we know that the future is tied to our present, so we must try today and present a product with the best quality and packaging in the world and in our country, so that customers We are happy with it all over the world.


Manufacturer, industry, Exports and Quality of NUTEX and IRAN Entering the WORLD rankings, to know at a Glance the figures.