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Manufacturer & Exporter of Iranian Dried fruits and nuts


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Pooya Tejarat Company, relying on world-class knowledge, experience and equipment and with more than 10 years of experience with brands (Shadiz Dorinam Nutex) in the field of exporting Iranian nuts to 5 continents and importing foreign nuts to Iran is active. Mainly, this group with high ability and experience in this field, cooperation with groups of domestic and foreign nuts production activists has been able to offer quality products at reasonable prices and be among the best producers, exporters and importers of nuts.

With God’s help, the team of Tejarat Pooya Company imports and sells foreign products with domestic brands (Dorinam and Shadiz) in Iran, and with the global brand (Nutex) Iranian nuts such as: Pistachios, Pistachio Kernels, Raisins, Dates, Almonds, figs. , Distributes saffron and other nuts widely in world markets. We have always put high quality, honesty in domestic and global trade, increasing development, in the direction of customer satisfaction as our priority.

We are very proud that we have been able to take an effective step to meet the needs of markets (domestic and international). Our production and trade team uses its experience in the nuts and dried fruits business to guide you in choosing and buying the product. Our customers will receive nothing but the best from us. Our goal is to improve the quality of dried fruit products in Iran and global markets. In addition to extensive activities in the field of supply and export of Iranian nuts from the country and meet the needs of Asian, European, Asian and 5 continents, we were able to offer these products to our dear Iranian compatriots in the domestic market. We offer our products to buyers based on the latest world standards.


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