Nutex Trading Company is one of the largest producers and exporters of Iranian nuts and dried fruits.
This company is active in exporting pistachios, pistachio kernels, almond kernels, raisins, saffron, dates and other well-known Iranian products to world markets. The management of Nutex Trading Group has established the foundation of all stages including production, marketing, and proper supply of its products using advanced machines and experienced personnel as a modern system and has succeeded in receiving ISO 9001 certification in the field of company quality management and BRC / FSSC22000 / IFS certifications for food safety certification.

 This complex has several large production and processing centers separately and in each season has the capacity to produce more than one hundred thousand tons of different varieties of nuts in various packaging.

We have established Nutex with the aim of creating a healthy and transparent system for the supply, sale, and export of Iranian nuts and dried fruits to the world.

Nutex is known as one of the largest suppliers of Iranian nuts and dried fruits in the world.
We have wide access to all Iranian farmers and we supply our products from the best-registered farms.
Nutex Trading Group has done its best to supply organic products from certified farms approved by the Ministry of World Health and the Food and Drug Administration and has been successful in achieving this goal.
The company is one of the most important commercial centers for the export of nuts and dried fruits by using the best products of Iranian farms.

1- Health salons
2- Flooring the area completely concrete and sanitary
3- 50 ton computer scales
4- Warehouse with a capacity of 1000 dry tons
5- Forklift to accelerate pistachio collection from the yard and loading
6- Separate pistachio and smiling grading device
7- Four fully mechanized and hygienic pistachio processing lines with a capacity of 20 tons per hour (including peeling, washing, sieving and drying and final testing)
8- Separate and dedicated warehouses
9- Wagon dryers
10- Equipped with remote control CCTV cameras and alarm
11- Equipped with ozone generator device for disinfection of pistachio and its effluent and whitening of pistachio shell
12- Equipped with a treatment plant for pistachio effluent treatment

Address: Iran, Tehran No. 2, Unit 45, corner of the 22 Alley, Takhti St., Fereshteh St., Valiasr St.,

SAT –THU 8:00-18:00 IRST (GMT+3:30) Friday is the weekend in Iran, but we are always online on whatsapp: +98 9179303960

We prefer all communications by e-mail to Info@nutexco.com where your messages will route to the appropriate department. Of course, you may also use a telephone or fax to connect us.

→ Call: +98-9179303960

→ Whatsapp: +98-9179303960

→ Email: Info@nutexco.com

Prices vary based on quantity, payment, and shipping terms. Therefore prices quoted based on requests. All prices are subject to our final confirmation unless otherwise mentioned in the quotation. Mostly all prices are valid for three calendar days.

It is better to place an order by email our professional marketing team will get back at due course.

We do our best to deliver the goods at the lowest possible price to our customers.it is better to check the minimum order quantity with our sales experts case by case.

Normal shipment is “by sea”. Shipment by air, couriers, post parcel can also be arranged upon request.

Transit period depends on a wide variety of factors – such as order type, quantity, number of mixed products in one shipment, shipping mode, or delays at customs at destination. Normally Shipments can be made within 2-4weeks from date of receipt of order.

We use a wide variety of brand new technology and machinery in our production line, While our valued customers’ feedback has always been effective in our success.

Yes, definitely. By consulting with our export expertise, we’re happy to discuss and present available options based on different factors such as your local market demands and delivery methods. Once you’ve shortlisted the products you’re interested in, we will arrange samples for you to test and verify particularity of product .

Do not hesitate to contact the Nutex team for your interest or inquiries and orders.