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Why Choose Nutex Nuts?

quality is our priority and pride. trading is not just a job but a passion. in nutex every day is a new day, a new challenge that we overcome through the art of combining technology and experience together. our principles are based on health, organic fruit, and top services. this is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

high quality nuts

By Eliminating all intermediaries and providing first-hand produce directly from the farms we take matters into our hands so we can ensure the highest quality produce available in the marke

world class export quality

With the use of modern technology, we monitor the produce condition, temperature, humidity and location in every step of the way to maintain the highest quality. our aim is to deliver Nuts with the quality of farms.

Flexibility in negotiation

customer satisfaction is key hence flexibility in negotiation, basically you can customize your order. how do you want to the sorting, packaging or even the price to be? call us now.

Manufacturer and Exporter Iranian Pistachios

We are a Manufacturer and Exporter of Nuts and Dried Fruits. We Produce, Sort, Package, Clean and Export Pistachios according to customer needs. Our products comply with the standards. It should be said that the most important types of Pistachios for Export are Koleghoochi, Fandoghi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami…

There are various products within NUTEX Trading Range

NUTEX has the ability to discuss your requirements and develop individual solutions.

Iranian Raisins

Exports of Iranian raisins to other parts of the world have made significant progress. Iran has a high capacity in raisin export and despite countless vineyards and raisin production with fully advanced machines in line with the best method in the world, it can still be one of the first exporters of raisins in the world. Types of Raisins: Golden Raisins – Sultana Raisins – Green Raisins – Sun-dried Raisins(Thompson) – Currant Raisins – Yellow Raisins

Export Dates

What makes Iran dates stand out, is quality at a reasonable price for dates exporters and importers, wholesale purchasers, distributors, and others.

Here in Nutex Nuts with our professional sorting system and committed team, we provide different levels of quality for various market segments and this has led us to be a premier Iranian Dates supplier.

We make our best effort to provide you with high-quality Persian dates suitable for your target market because we believe earning your satisfaction and staying committed to your order until the last minute is our job.


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