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Originally, There Are 3 Types Of Almond Which Are Growing In Iran: Mamra, Moheb & Sangi. These Almonds Are Different In Shape, Size And Even Nutritional Values – MAMRA Almond: In Iran, Production Of Mamra Almond Is One Of The Most Important Processes Among The Production Of Agricultural Products. Charmahal And Bakhtiyari Province Is The Pioneer In Production Of This Type Of Almond.In The Past When The Landlord System Was Dominant, Only Masters Decide On The Type Which Should Have Been Cultivated In Lands But Nowadays Based On Climate & Economic Conditions The Cultivation & Production Of Mamra Almond Has Risen. Mamra Is One Of The Best Quality Almonds In The World Which Has Been Offered In International Markets For Many Years. It Is A Rich Source For Proteins And Minerals & Has Been Planting In Cold Region Of Iran.  Mamra Almonds Are Being Offered In Different Grades Based On Their Kernels Weight. Mamra Almonds Have Sweet Taste And They Are Bright In Color . The First Step To Check The Quality Of Mamra Is Paying Attention To The Color Of Its Kernels. In Compare To Other Types Of Almonds, Mamra Is Brighter In Color & Elongated In Form.

Different Grades Of Mamra Are As Follow

80-90 almond kernels per 100g (5A)

90-100 almond kernels per 100g (4A)

100-105 almond kernels per 100g (3A)

110-115 almond kernels per 100g (2A)

120-125almond kernels per 100g (A)

130-135 almond kernels per 100g (ES)

140-145almond kernels per 100g (ESB)

More than 150 almond kernels per 100 grams (MINI)