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Golden Raisin

Golden raisins, which are specific to Iran, are always in high demand for export. This raisin turns yellow due to the presence of grapes in the vicinity of sulfur smoke.
sulfur fumigation process and shade dried so they are golden amber in color with a naturally sweet and fruity flavor. This popular kind is produced from grapes with special natural characteristics and particular sugar level. After being double washed, golden raisins are dried, coated with vegetable oil, stemmed, mechanically cleaned, laser and hand sorted then metal detected under extreme care of hygienic conditions and with legal and safety requirements and the customers special specifications.
​​​​​​​Golden raisins are produced from seedless green grapes, harvesting start from September, and drying start immediately after that. The color of golden raisin ranges from yellow, golden or greenish yellow to light amber. Harvested grapes are dipped, shade dried and sulfur treated although it is important that the residue be limited and below 2000 ppm. This type of raisin with a predominating yellow or golden color, has a unique almost smoky and tart after-taste. 

Kashmari (Green Long  Raisin)

Iranian Green Raisins are made of the best and highest quality grape and produced in the northeast of IRAN. This variety of Iranian raisins are obtained by drying grapes either in the sun or in driers. They are naturally sweet in flavor and long in shape that are widely used around the world.

The advantage of Iranian Raisins is principally its price and different methods of processing, and that’s the reason why Iranian Raisins are among the finest raisins in the world. Iranian green raisins are exported to all over the world by Nutex.

Kashmari (Golden Long  Raisin)

Golden Kashmari raisin is long, green in color and has seeds. It takes its name from Kashmar in North East Iran where it was originally produced. It consists of about 30-50% seeds that can be stored for a relatively long time. Its sweetness and sugar content is similar to other types of raisins.

Long golden raisins are dried naturally. After harvesting the grapes, the farmers first clear them from any dust and debris, then put them under shade to dry. To make them more delicious and shiny, they usually cover the grapes with vegetable oil. As a result, not only the grapes don’t lose their moisture but also don’t stick together. During the process of making raisins, sulfur dioxide is used. The standard level of SO2 for long golden raisins is up to 3000 ppm. This amount gives the raisins a shiny golden color.

Sultana Raisins

sultana raisin is produced from seedless, white grapes. Sultana raisin is famous because it has delicate and unique flavor. This raisin has lighter color and sweeter taste compared to other types of raisins. The color scale ranges from light to dark as well as various size options. For the dipping process, it is dipped in a solution of Potash and oil to accelerate the drying process and make the color of the raisin lighter. If you are looking for a high quality Sultana raisin, as one of the best iranian raisin producer and suppliers we can help you.
The color of Sultana raisins is often from light brown to dark brown. Raisins themselves have a sweet taste that has its unique customers around the world. 

Thompson Raisin (Sun-Dried Raisin)

Natural sun-dried Thompson seedless Iranian raisins are famous for the sweet taste and its distinctive raisin flavor.
sun dried raisin is mainly produced in the province of Qazvin, Iran. This type of raisin is dried -without the immersion in the solution of potassium carbonate, water and the Australian oil- under direct exposure to the sun. Sun dried raisins are 100% natural and are almost black in color. The color of it is mostly dark brown. Raisin’s sweetness is 100% natural with no added sugar. If you are looking for a high quality it, as one of the best raisin suppliers we can help you.