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Types of raisins are
Major production of raisins in Iran
The largest exporters of raisins in the world

Exports of Iranian raisins to Iraq _ Nutex Company Production of the best export raisins with guaranteed quality and according Global certifications…

Grape cultivars suitable for raisins have the following characteristics:
high percentage of sugar, berry flesh, kernelless or small kernel, soft texture, uniform grain size, rapid drying of the berry. Of course, cultivars of grapes that have a lot of seeds and sugar are also used to prepare a type of raisin called raisins.

The most important grape cultivars that are suitable for raisins are:

white currant (raisin or royal), red currant (red ozum), white currant, arrow, bunch of chives, ax and the most important cultivars used in the world for raisins are: Thomson Thomson Seedless, known in various dialects as Sultanina, Sultanich, Keshmesh, Soltana.

The uses of raisins are:

nuts and snacks, food consumption (pilaf), confectionery and chocolate industry, fruit and concentrate factories, production of vinegar and grape juice and its wastes are used for livestock and bee feed.

Types of raisins are

1) Raisin (Raisin): Sun-dried seedless grapes that are brown in color
2) Acid or green or raisin (Sultana): Dried seedless grapes soaked in Australian oil in the sun, which is light brown to tan brown.
3) Grape or yellow or smoked raisin (Golden Brench): Dried seedless grapes with sulfur smoke in the shade of amber yellow color.
4) Raisins: Dried other grapes that have a core.
5) Currantus raisins: Dried ruby ​​grapes.

Nuts export steps:
The export of nuts is one of the most profitable businesses in the world and the exporters of Iranian nuts are among the richest traders. Dried items include pistachios, raisins, dates, walnuts, pistachios and dried fruits, and anyone who wants to be an exporter of nuts must know this letter and its rules to be successful in their work.

Major production of raisins in Iran

In Iran, many provinces such as Qazvin, Khorasan Razavi, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Fars, Zanjan, Hamedan and Semnan have vineyards and produce grapes.

In these provinces, the grapes are traditionally dried after harvest, ie in the shade near the vineyards, or industrially, that is, they are turned into raisins in a raisin factory. Raisins are produced in factories without the intervention of hands and in several stages.

Preliminary threshing, washing, sulfurization, drying, sieving, sorting and packaging are the stages of production and preparation of raisins in factories. Takestan Raisin Factory and Malayer Raisin Factory are among these factories.

According to its supply in the world market, raisins for export must be prepared from the best and most quality grapes. Among the characteristics of grapes that are produced for export raisins, I will mention a few examples:

Grapes should have a soft texture and be kernelless, fleshy, have a pleasant and sweet taste, the degree of ripeness of the grapes at harvest is very important and the grapes should be fully ripe to produce a good quality raisins.

Types of raisins sent to other countries:
Golden raisins
Acid raisins
Green raisins
Sunny raisins
Curly raisins
Yellow raisins
Black raisins
Red raisins

These products will be ready to be offered in high quality and in different packages, and traders in many countries tend to buy directly from manufacturers and distribution companies.

According to these explanations, it can be said that the export of raisins to Iraq is one of the good ways that it remains in power as in previous years, and this situation can be further enhanced.

The largest exporters of raisins in the world

Many countries in the world produce raisins and because of the popularity of this product, they try to offer the best type of raisins with the highest quality and the most appropriate price and in new and suitable packages to the world market and raisin buyers. Raisins find a way to offer the best product to buyers.

Among them, the countries that can be the top and largest producers and exporters of this product by observing the export laws of raisins such as export raisin packaging and its quality. Fortunately, Iran is one of the top three raisin exporters in the world, along with the United States and Turkey. Iran exports raisins to countries such as Italy, Britain, the United States, France and Persian Gulf countries such as Iraq.