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Mamra Almond Exporter TradingMamra Almond Production and Sorting CenterThe largest volume of exports is to the following countries:And European countriesThe price of the best Mamra almond in Iran
Mamra Almond Exporter Trading

Mamra Almond Exporter Trading – Nutex Company Dried Fruit Trading Group, as one of the Mamra exporter trading companies, is ready to sign long-term contracts and start sustainable business activities with you dear ones.

Mamra Almond Exporter Trading

Mamra Almond Exporter Trading - Nutex CompanyNutex Trading Company is one of the major exporters of Mamra almonds in Iran. First-class and delicious Iranian Mamra almond kernel is one of the best-selling export products of this collection.

Mamra almond is a product of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari and Shahrekord provinces in Iran and has been sent to different countries in recent years.

Many countries, including India and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, are known as buyers of Iranian Mamra almonds because Iran is the only producer and exporter of Mamra almonds in the world.

Mamra Almond Production and Sorting Center

Mamra Almond Exporter Trading - Nutex CompanyThe production of Mamra almonds is done in different cities of Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province, including Shahrekord and Zayandehrud areas such as Bon and Saman cities. Becomes.

Of course, in these regions of the country, in addition to Mamra almonds, other types of almonds such as Rabi almonds, Moheb almonds (paper skin) and stone almonds are also produced in smaller volumes. But the highest volume of almond production in these areas is allocated to Mamra.

In these workshops, after the almond breaking process, the Mamra almond kernel is graded manually or with a machine and is ready for export. During these steps, the broken almonds are first completely removed from the skin by manpower, and after screening the wrinkled and substandard almonds, the almond kernels are arranged according to different sizes.

Mamra almond is one of the highest quality types of Iranian almonds, the production of which belongs exclusively to Iran, so its export in Iran is particularly prosperous.

Another reason for the increase in exports of this product is its high nutritional value, high fat, sweet taste, as well as its health and naturalness.

Mamra almond kernels are priced based on ounce (size) and different countries choose different sizes of Mamra almond kernels according to their needs and consumption.

In the following, the price of Mamra almonds is explained, but in general, the price of Mamra almonds is higher than other types of Iranian exported almonds.

Nutex is one of the large and reputable companies exporting Mamra almonds.

The products of this collection are selected directly from the selected orchards in Shahrekord and Saman regions, which are the main center of Mamra production in Iran.

In terms of production volume and active lines in the field of Mamra almond kernel production, this company has a significant production volume.

Different markets of countries around the world are the main buyers of this company.

The largest volume of exports is to the following countries:

Mamra Almond Exporter Trading - Nutex CompanyIndia

And European countries

Mamra Almond Exporter Trading - Nutex CompanyAmong the above countries, India is known as the largest importer of Mamra almonds in Iran. The people of India have a special interest in consuming almonds and buy Iranian Mamra almonds in high volumes and usually in large and high quality from Iran.

If you want to export Mamra almonds from Iran, you can use the free advice of our colleagues in the sales department.

Mamra almond exporters are often active in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province because they are close to the production center. Nutex Mamra kernel production centers and workshops are also located in this province. You can follow us to know the current prices of this product.

The price of the best Mamra almond in Iran

The price of Mamra almonds depends on various parameters. The most important is the size of the selected almond kernel. Among the different sizes of Mamra almonds, size 5A is the most expensive of all types and has a very large size.

There are several formulas for calculating Mamra size, but the most common are:

First we choose a comprehensive sample of the total load of almond kernels.
Then we separate 100 grams of that brain.
We count the number of nuts in this 100 grams.
No matter how many almond kernels there are in 100 grams, Mamra almonds are called by the same name.
For example, if the number of almonds in 100 grams is 90, it is called 90 seeds.

Briefly, the following cultivars are different ounces (sizes) of Mamra almonds:

Mamra 80 seeds: 5A
90 seeds Mamra brain: 4A
100 seeds Mamra brain: 3A
Mamra brain 110 seeds: 2A
Mamra 120 seeds: A
130 seeds of Mamra: ES
140 seeds Mamra brain: Esb
150 seeds of Mamra: mini
After size, quality parameters have a direct impact on the price of Mamra almonds.

The most important criteria for determining the quality of Mamra almonds are as follows:
Almond flavor
Almond color
Almond size
Fresh almonds
Clean load
Almond kernel health percentage
All of these can change the price of Mamra almonds. In this regard, to buy almonds, it is necessary to check the quality.

Unfortunately, prices in the Iranian market are not fixed and change during the month.

For this reason, you can contact the company’s sales department right now to receive the daily price.

Our partners are ready to inform all dear buyers.

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