Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman

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Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman


Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman / Oman is active in the field of bulk buying and selling of Iranian pistachio kernels, and even the export route of this product to countries such as India is completed through the mediation of Oman.

Nutex Pistachio Kernel Production Complex is a supplier of various items of this product for export to Arab and European countries.

Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman

Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman

Nutex Nuts and Kernels factory is a production company in the field of export Iranian pistachio kernels to Oman, India, Emirate and Kuwait.

Iranian pistachio kernels in the highest quality mainly exports to Oman.
Oman market is one of the good wholesale market of Iranian luxury pistachios and pistachio kernels.

For Omani traders and buyers, although price is important, quality is more important than price.

Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Oman

Pistachio, as one of the agricultural products of Iran, has a significant volume of non-oil exports along with saffron.

Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels are well known in world markets and this has led to an increase in exports in recent years.Iranian Pistachio Kernels in Oman

Kerman, Khorasan and Yazd provinces have the highest production of pistachios and pistachio kernels.

The most famous and best-selling types of pistachio kernels are:

  1. Kaal pistachio kernels (Green Kernels)
  2. Purple Skin pistachio kernels
  3. Close-Mouth pistachio kernel
  4. Peeled green pistachio kernels (Peeled Kernels)
  5. Pistachio Powder

Other types of pistachio kernels and products that have a lower sales volume than the above:

  • Tiny pistachio kernels
  • Crushed and Halved pistachio kernels
  • Green belly pistachio kernel
  • Sliced ​​and Slivered pistachios

All of the above find in abundance mainly in pistachio-producing provinces.

Of course, in bulk purchases for the export of Iranian pistachio kernels, sufficient attention should be paid to quality parameters, especially the absence of foreign materials such as hard (shell) skin of pistachios.

Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman

Export Iranian Pistachio Kernels to Oman

One of the products that Omani traders or Indian traders ,active in Oman, buy in bulk is Iranian pistachio kernels.
Some companies export Iranian pistachio kernels to Oman and then re-export them to India.

The kernels introduced in the previous section are using in high quality with elegant packaging for export to Oman.

Pistachios usually sends to Oman through the southern ports of Iran in high volumes. And due to the short distance compared to other countries, its freight costs are cheap.
In Oman, pistachio kernels mostly use to produce sweets, ice cream and in some nuts and snacks.

Due to the humidity of the environment during the year, these products are in great demand in different cities of Oman.

Of course, sometimes many traders, due to the conditions of sanctions in Iran, are willing to buy the product from other countries, including the UAE, at much higher prices.

But now, with the improvement of the situation and also the possibility of changing the documents, these problems have been solved to a large extent.

Export Oriented Pistachios

Export Oriented Pistachios

As mentioned, one of the main target markets for high quality pistachio kernels is Oman.

On the other hand, due to the high consumption of sweets and nuts in this country, the volume of orders is often large.
Omani traders often request a combination of pistachios and pistachio kernels when registering their orders.

For example, in a 40′ container, 15 tons of pistachios and about 6 tons of pistachio kernels registers.

Of course, other products such as barberry, saffron, honey and dates also have a very high sales volume in the Oman market.

But Omani people and traders pay more attention to the quality of the products purchased. Omani buyers provide their products with the highest standards in the field.

Pistachio Kernels Packaging for Export

Pistachio Kernels Packaging for Export

Since the route of sending pistachio kernels from Iran to Oman is by sea and the environment has high humidity, packages should increase the shelf life of pistachio kernels.

On the other hand, Oman is one of the countries that has high temperatures throughout the year, and therefore there is a possibility of damage to dried fruit products, especially pistachio kernels.

The best packaging that makes pistachio kernels last and is better in terms of beauty than ordinary bags is 10 kg vacuum packaging.

These packages full in Nutex production factory with nitrogen gas to increase the shelf life of the product.
Each vacuum packages place in a sturdy carton to reach the destination city without any damage.

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