Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export

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Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/ExportCharacteristics of first-class pistachio sliverSlivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase CenterHigh-Quality Pistachio Slivers for Export/Import
Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export _ You can buy all kinds of Iranian quality pistachio slices for export and import in bulk from Nutex dried fruit trade.

Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export _ You can buy all kinds of Iranian quality pistachio slices for export and import in bulk from Nutex dried fruit trade.

Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export

Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export

Slivered pistachio bulk purchase for import to your country and export from Iran is a good and profitable business if you have a supplier of it.

Are you looking to buy first-class and slivered green ​​pistachios in bulk?
You can get Iranian pistachio slices and slivers in bulk from Iranian exporters and pistachio suppliers. But obviously, it’s better to search for a producer who is an exporter as well. this is important especially when you have a plan for slivered pistachio bulk purchase.
Artin pistachio slice and sliver production company is ready to supply all kinds of slices in the wholesale market.
The Nutex company presents all the services of producing, supplying, and exporting different varieties of slivered pistachio in bulk.

Characteristics of first-class pistachio sliver

Qazvin pistachio slices and slivers are very green and high quality.
This makes this product very suitable for export as well as for use in various confectioneries.
Pistachio slices are also in use to decorate food. In fact, one of the main reasons for slivered pistachio bulk purchase is to use this product in confectioneries and chocolates as a raw material of the production.

Due to the fact that home consumption of pistachio slices is not high, this product is often in bulk in domestic markets.
Iranian pistachio slivers are green and of interest to various markets.

As you know, pistachio slices are one of the most important pistachio products that are consuming in various forms.
Sliced and slivered ​​pistachios are generally available in major wholesale markets of Iran.

When pistachio kernels are sliced, they become very brittle. For this reason, sufficient care must be taken in its production.

Iranian pistachio slivers also have many fans in international markets. This product is sent to different countries along with Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels.

India, Australia, Ukraine, Canada, Switzerland ,Russia ,Iraq,China and Emirates are the main buyers of Iranian pistachio slivers.

One of the most important features that can be mentioned for a first class pistachio sliver is:

1- Green color

2- Proper stretching

3- Good fat percentage

4- Standard humidity level

5- No softness in the carton

6- Proper and durable packaging

The mentioned items have a direct impact on determining the quality and price of slices. Of course, in some export markets, aflatoxin certification is also required for the product.

This certificate is more for EU countries. A separate process is performed to prepare the product for delivery to these markets in the Nutex collection.

Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase Center

Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export

Iranian pistachio slivers are available in Iranian nuts and dried fruit wholesale centers.
Here we refer to the most important cities that are the center of purchase and supply of pistachios and their products.

  • Tehran
  • Qazvin
  • Mashhad
  • Tabriz
  • Ardabil
  • Zahedan
  • Ahwaz
  • Damghan
  • Khoramshahr
  • Ardabil
  • Rasht

In these cities, pistachio slices have high sales.
Of course, pistachio slices are also available in the major wholesale markets of other cities, but more sales occur in these markets.
It can be said that most pistachio slices are produced in provinces that have very high pistachio production.
Wherever we see the area under cultivation of pistachio is high, we generally see workshops and even pistachio factories.

The Nutex Company is one of the collections that work in this field.
You can get the information you want by contacting the consultants and buy the pistachio you want at the best market price.

In the next section, we will discuss the export of pistachio slices and you can get important information about the export of this product.

High-Quality Pistachio Slivers for Export/Import

Slivered Pistachio Bulk Purchase for Import/Export

Iranian pistachio slice is one of the highest quality and best pistachio slices and slivers in the world.
Usually, The highest volume of Iranian slivered pistachio’s import in bulk quantities refers to the following countries that purchase this product directly from Iranian suppliers and exporters.

  • Russia
  • Iraq
  • China
  • Emirates

Of course, we must pay attention to the fact that these buyers have a high volume of purchases.
But of course, there are so many other buyers in other countries.

The high-quality pistachios are green in color and long in shape.
This green color disappears due to time and improper maintenance and turns to yellow and pistachios’ green color fade.

Of course, sliced ​​pistachios in Qazvin, Iran, due to the special oil in pistachios, generally have a very high shelf life due to proper storage.

We must pay attention to the important points and storage methods of this product in exporting pistachio kernels.

For two reasons, we must pay attention to product maintenance.

  • Firstly, Export/import customers consider high-quality pistachio slices and slivers.
  • Secondly, Shipping times are longer than domestic orders.

Russia is a major market for Iranian slivered pistachio that has a great purchase of this product each year. That is why traders care so much about prices for exports to Russia.

To export to this country, you must use first-hand sellers and producers of pistachios and prepare your own pistachios from them.
The Artin Nuts Trading is one of the groups that produces, sells, and exports pistachios and its products.

You can find out the prices by contacting pistachio sales and export consultants and buy your desired pistachio or product at the best price.