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Characteristics of Mamra almonds

Buy Mamra Almonds – Mamra Almond Supplier – Nutex Company is the largest supplier of Mamra almonds in Iran and has many years of experience in exporting Mamra almonds to different countries. For more information about Mamra almonds and how to import them, follow us in the continuation of this article.

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In response to the question of what is Mamra almond, it should be said that Mamra almond is one of the different cultivars of almond seedlings whose flowering time is estimated to be medium to late. Resistance of Mamra almond seedlings to relative spring cold.

Product ripening time, medium and medium, relatively woody and hard fruit peel and fruit quality of this cultivar varies according to its different types and the best type is exported abroad, especially to India.

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The amount of Mamra almond kernels is estimated at 36% and the taste is sweet. The percentage of twins is estimated to be about 48% and it can be said that the kernels of this almond are often pairs and twins. Among other cultivars, the kernels of the midwife almond have the best color and are almost golden in color. 8 years without shell is about 1 year.

Mamra almond is used in the production of cosmetics due to its good fat content, and is also used in the nuts and dried fruit industries.

How to Export Mamra almonds

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Mamra almonds are exported from Iran to the Persian Gulf countries, including Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and Oman. Russia and India are also good destinations for almond kernels and pistachio kernels.

A large percentage of Iranian Mamra almonds are exported to India. Some European countries, such as Germany, are applying to buy almond kernels from Iran.

The best type of Mamra almond is considered for export. Commercial companies also try to provide the best packaging for almonds.

One of the reasons why the export of Mamra almonds to European countries has grown better is the natural conditions of almond cultivation.

Foreign customers usually pay close attention to organic and natural foods, especially plants that are grown naturally rather than transgenically. Mamra almond is also one of these nutritious seeds. Turkey, a neighbor of Iran, has recently applied to Iran for almonds.

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