wholesale price of Iranian Mamra almonds

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wholesale price of Iranian Mamra almondsCharacteristics of Mamra almondsExport of pistachios to various Asian countries, Arab countries and European countries
wholesale price of Iranian Mamra almonds

wholesale price of Iranian Mamra almonds / First-class Iranian Mamra almonds need to offer competitive prices and quality to be sent and sold in bulk in global markets.

In the Nutex dried fruit business, one of the specialized products is Mamra almond kernels. One of the complete lines of breaking, sorting and packing of almond kernels is active in this production unit. Since all processes are done in one line, many production costs are broken down. This makes products with competitive prices ready to be offered in the market.

wholesale price of Iranian Mamra almonds

wholesale price of Iranian Mamra almonds

Here we want to address the issues affecting the price of Iranian Mamra almond kernels; The first parameter that has a significant impact on the price is the volume of exports. There are many more people who make very high purchases.

Another influential point is the size of Iranian almond kernels. The larger the almond kernels, the higher the price, and fortunately the same taste of Iranian almonds is not found anywhere in the world.

Mamra almond is one of the export figures of Iranian products. This type of almond has many fans in foreign countries due to its high quality and nutritional value.

Every year, a large volume of this product is exported to countries such as India, Russia, Turkey, Arab countries, etc. Therefore, the price of Mamra almonds is one of the important items for buyers and traders in different countries.

Mamra almonds have very strong skin and are difficult to break, so they are often used in the form of almond kernels for export.

The price of Mamra almond kernels in the market is calculated according to its number per 100 grams. This means that the lower the number of almond kernels per 100 grams, the larger the almond kernel, resulting in a higher price.

Mamra almond kernels come in different sizes and are usually divided into groups of 80 to 140 or 150. Different sizes of Mamra almond kernels:

  • Mamra almond kernel 80 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernels 90 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernels 100 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernel 110 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernels 120 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernel 130 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernel 140 seeds
  • Mamra almond kernels 150 seeds

Characteristics of Mamra almonds

Characteristics of Mamra almonds

Mamra almond is one of the best examples of Iranian almonds. This type of almond is very high quality in terms of taste, color, nutritional value and fat.

Among the characteristics of Mamra almonds are:

  • Delicious taste
  • High twin percentage
  • High in fat
  • High nutritional value
  • light color
  • High demand

Mamra almond tree is one of the late flowering cultivars and has high resistance to diseases and pests. The highest volume of mamra almond production is related to Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province and areas along the Zayandeh River, such as Saman and Bon.

Due to the favorable climate and geographical conditions with almond cultivation, this province produces the best types of almonds in Iran and offers them to domestic and foreign markets.

In addition to Mamra almonds, other types of almonds such as stone almonds, Moheb or Paper almonds, Rabi almonds, etc. are also produced in Iran with a very high quality grade. Of course, the largest volume of almond exports is for Mamra almonds.

Nutex Trading Company, as one of the largest producers, suppliers and exporters of almonds and nuts in Iran, is ready to offer the best types of almonds at competitive prices to buyers around the world.

To buy the product and receive the prices, contact the sales manager of this collection.

Export of pistachios to various Asian countries, Arab countries and European countries

Export of pistachios to various Asian countries, Arab countries and European countries

Nutex Trading Company, in addition to its brilliant activity in the field of sale and export of almonds, is also active in the field of export of Iranian pistachios and pistachio kernels to different parts of the world and has access to several foreign markets.

Nutex Collection is ready to cooperate and receive your orders, dear friends.