Seller of the best types of Kaleghoochi pistachios in Iran

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The largest supplier of pistachio kernelsCompetitive price per kilo of pistachiosPistachio market in the countryExport of Iranian pistachios to Thailand

Seller of the best types of Koleghoochi pistachios in Iran – If you are a buyer of the best Koleghoochi pistachio, you should know that this type of pistachio is one of the best and best-selling Iranian pistachios, which are also very wonderful in terms of taste. And sweets are used, this type of pistachio is one of the most popular export pistachios, which is exported raw or ripe to other countries.

The largest supplier of pistachio kernels

Different cities of Iran such as Yazd, Rafsanjan and Kerman are among the largest producers and suppliers of pistachios in the country.

High quality and first class pistachio kernel has the following characteristics:

She has a beautiful and smiling appearance.

It has a very pleasant taste.

The largest samples of pistachios are for export.

Its skin is a dull white bone and its brain is dark red.

On Koleghoochi pistachio, a crease and depression can be seen, which in addition to being one of the signs of this cultivar of pistachio, also makes its structure more beautiful.

Its appearance is almost round and resembles a hazelnut, and due to its large size and beautiful and special shape of the kernel, it is one of the examples of export nuts, which is also very famous and popular among Iranians.

Competitive price per kilo of pistachios

Most of the major distribution and distribution companies of Koleghoochi pistachios sell their products at close and competitive prices, but in general, the price per kilo of this product in different cities of the country due to factors such as transportation conditions and distance. Slightly different.

The most important factors that affect the price of pistachios can be the following:

Product quality

Purchase method (bulk or kg)

Pistachio production conditions per year

Smiling and large pistachios

Its type

Qoleh Ghoochi pistachio is earlier than other types of pistachios, so it has a special place in terms of export, but before buying Koleghoochi pistachio, pay attention to the above. Knowing the features and price of each type of this product will make a more accurate and reliable choice.

Pistachio market in the country

Pistachios and other nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds are considered as luxury goods due to their high price, so they are often used in various occasions such as holidays and celebrations in the country and these days the market is booming. They have more.

Raw pistachio kernels are very popular in most European countries, raw pistachio kernels are used for roasting and flavoring with other spices and condiments.

It is possible to sell Kaleghoochi pistachios in bulk and in bulk. Qoleghoochi pistachios are classified into 4 general categories based on variety:

Akbari Pistachio

Pistachio Kaleghoochi

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei

Hazelnut pistachio

Export of Iranian pistachios to Thailand

Regarding the export of Iranian pistachios to Thailand, it should be noted that each country imports products from other countries based on its approvals and trade laws, so the price and type of product packaging according to the standards of that country by the authorities Relevant is determined.


Akbari and Koleghoochi pistachios are considered as expensive pistachios that have a special importance and position in the field of domestic export and sale.


Nowadays, the export of raw or unripe pistachios is considered by many people. This type of pistachio is harvested before ripening. When the pistachio is harvested, its kernel is still green and its skin is milky white, which is classified in different grades. And sold.


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