Kashmiri mamra almond affordable prices

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Obvious feature of kashmiri mamra almondRational price for kashmiri mamra almond

One of our honors at Zarrin Badam Company is the production of Iranian almond kernels. That is why there is a lot of prosperity in the company for buying and selling Iranian almond kernels. Naturally, for a company that is active both in the field of almond Kashmiri mamra almond and in the field of buying and selling almonds, it is possible to announce the price of first-class sweet Iranian almond kernels.

Kashmiri mamra almond affordable prices

Obvious feature of kashmiri mamra almond

Obvious feature of kashmiri mamra almond Iran has a special place among dried fruit exporters. And our country is in fifth place in the world production of this product. The most important factor in reducing the export of this product should be considered a marketing weakness.

There are almost no improved almond orchards in Iran. For this reason, there is no clear and precise sizing that is very popular in global markets. The low average Kashmiri mamra almond wholesale of this product in the country compared to other countries in the world and the export of raw and bulk almonds are the main problems of production and export.

Almonds are exported to 26 countries such as Turkey, Persian Gulf countries, India, and Germany. Top exporters of almonds: USA, Spain, Germany, France, and Iran.

All these almonds are organic and natural and have a unique taste. Unfortunately, due to the abundance of American almond kernels in the market, domestic and foreign customers buy more American almond kernels and deprive themselves of the delicious natural taste of Iranian almonds.

Try to taste some American almonds once and then try some Iranian almonds. It is clear that the taste of Iranian almonds is excellent and the taste of American almonds is more like corn.

Rational price for kashmiri mamra almond

Rational price for kashmiri mamra almondAmong the various dried fruits produced domestically and exported, the Iranian sweet almond tree is one of the central activities of Zarrin Badam Company. According to customs statistics and bills of lading, Iranian dried fruits have been exported to Europe, the Far East, and various parts of the world since 100 years ago (1301).

Since Iranian sweet almond has many customers in different countries, almond export to India, almond export to Europe, almond export to Turkey, almond export to Russia and other countries are on our agenda.

Fortunately, Iranian almond kernels have many Taliban both inside and outside the country. So much so that our only company receives an average of one to two tons of Iranian almond kernels per day. It is natural that we want to deal with exemplary Kashmiri mamra almond suppliers to meet the orders of our customers. If you are a major gardener and you want to offer your quality almonds at a reasonable price to Almond Company, contact the company manager.