Mamra Almond Export Center to India

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Mamra Almond Export Center to IndiaTypes of Mamra almond kernels
Mamra Almond Export Center to India

Mamra Almond Export Center to India _ Nutex Trading is a large and powerful center for the production and export of first-class Mamra almonds to India.

Mamra Almond Export Center to India

Mamra Almond Export Center to India

Mamra almond is one of the highest quality almonds produced in Iran and has the largest volume of exports among Iranian almonds.

Export of Mamra almonds is one of the main activities of Nutex Trading Company. This complex is one of the largest centers active in the field of production and export of Mamra almond kernels as well as first-class pistachios in Iran and has the ability to supply high quality Iranian almonds and pistachios.

Mamra almond has unique properties, high quality and very delicious taste, which has made it famous in foreign markets. The highest production of Mamra almonds is from Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province and especially Zayandeh Rood areas such as Saman in this province. The largest volume of Iranian Mamra almond exports to India. But some other countries have also demanded this unique product, which are:

  1. Turkey
  2. Russia
  3. Arabic countries

Nutex Trading Company, as one of the main producers and export hubs of Mamra almonds in Iran, offers this tasty and good-looking product with the best quality and price to dear applicants in different countries, especially India.

Types of Mamra almond kernels

Mamra Almond Export Center to India

Mamra almonds have a very strong wooden skin, so they are mostly exported to different countries in the form of almond kernels. Mamra almonds come in different sizes and grades.

The high export value of Mamra almond kernels has led to the design of a special formula in its grading. The grading of this almond depends on the number of almond kernels per 100 grams. The lower the number, the larger the almond kernel.

Types of Mamra almond kernels:

  1. 80 seeds (AAAAA)
  2. 90 seeds (AAAA)
  3. 100 grains (AAA)
  4. 110 grains (AA)
  5. 120 seeds (A)
  6. 130 seeds (ES)
  7. 140 seeds (Esb)
  8. 150 seeds up (Mini)

Nutex Company is able to supply all sizes in any size and tonnage you request, but dear Indian customers should be aware that the rule of Mamra almond kernel trade is that in high tonnage it is necessary to order several grades to get the desired tonnage to Deliver them.

If you also want to import almonds from Iran, you can contact our partners through the communication channels available on the site.