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Iran Pistachio Manufacturer | Pistachio sellerPistachio Manufacturer countriesAll kinds of pistachios for export in world marketsManufacturer of Iranian pistachios
Processed pistachio production factory 

Iran Pistachios Manufacturer | Pistachio seller : Nutex pistachio farm and factory belonging to Pooya Trading Company in Kerman province is operating in the field of pistachio cultivation and processing. After many efforts, we have become one of the producers of organic pistachios in Iran. In total, we increased the annual processing capacity to 6,000 tons of fresh pistachios.

Iran Pistachio Manufacturer | Pistachio seller

Pistachio production has increased in recent years due to the great popularity of the people of the world. Most manufacturing companies in Iran sell this type of sample with various quality grades in bulk or in different packages in the market. The largest producers of these products are located in the southern cities of our country. Do you know to which countries of the world pistachios are imported? How to buy a variety of these samples in different sizes in the market Is it possible? What are the benefits of fresh pistachios for the human body? Who are the famous brands that produce these products in Iran?

The price of pistachios varies by type, quality, producer brand, supply and demand, small or large, import and export, and many other important factors that affect their pricing. For information about the daily price list of these samples in Iran, you can contact our experts in the support and sales unit and be informed of all these rates along with their features. In recent years, due to the increase in purchases of these products, their prices in th e market have changed.

Pistachio Manufacturer countries


Iran Pistachios Manufacturer | Pistachio seller | Nutex Pistachios Iranian pistachios are one of the best pistachios in the world. After our country is in the first rank in the world ranking of production of this product, countries such as: America, Turkey, China, Syria and other countries in the world are in the next ranks. With these interpretations, because the products produced in Iran are of higher quality and have a unique taste, they are known all over the world.

Some countries producing this sample also prefer to import Iranian samples fresh and processed. Due to the high demand of people for these valuable and nutritious foods, production in this field has increased in the world. In Iran, Pooya Trade Company has been known as one of the top pistachio producers for several years.

All kinds of pistachios for export in world markets

Iran Pistachios Manufacturer | Pistachio seller | Nutex Pistachios

Exported pistachio is one of the best products sold in world markets. Iranian pistachios are one of the types of these export samples that most Iranian gardeners produce with high quality and export to all over the world at a reasonable price. Due to the fact that the purchase of these products outside Iran in bulk and packaged has increased, its import from Iran has also increased. This has led to a further boom in national production in this area.

Manufacturer of Iranian pistachios

Iran Pistachios Manufacturer | Pistachio seller | Nutex Pistachios Pistachios are known by different names in different regions of Iran in terms of quality, taste, nut color, coarseness, smallness, darkness, lightness and skin color. In addition to these features, the location of pistachio production also affects the price of this dried fruit in terms of quality. Among the most important cultivars used for export include Koleghoochi, Fandoghi, Akbari, Ahmad Aghaei and Badami cultivars.

To import and buy pistachios from the manufacturer and cooperate with the Iranian exporter, contact us, so that our experts, in addition to guidance, can provide you with the necessary information.

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