Export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania

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Export of Iranian pistachio slices to RomaniaPistachio kernel cultivars exported to RomaniaAflatoxin standard for pistachio sliced ​​exports
Export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania

Export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania _ Nutex TradingCompany exports pistachios and its products such as green pistachio slices to Romania.

Export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania

Export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania


Exports of Iranian pistachios to Romania and other EU countries are booming. The export of sliced ​​pistachios to Romania must be done according to the export and customs standards of the EU countries.

Romania has a good position in the European Union in terms of population and area. Therefore, it is a very suitable market for Iranian products and nuts such as pistachios and its products. The people of this country are very interested in using nuts due to its proximity to Ukraine and Bulgaria and Turkey’s trade route with Europe.

Pistachio slices are one of the most important export products of Iran. Iranian pistachio slice is the highest quality pistachio slice produced in the world, so it has countless fans in various countries, including Romania. Iranian pistachio slice has a dark green color, pleasant taste and a lot of oil.

Pistachio slices are exported to the Romanian market for the following purposes:

  • Production of food and sweets and chocolates
  • Use in ice cream
  • Used in preparing and decorating restaurant dishes

Many immigrant countries, due to the large population of Iranians, Afghans and Arabs living in that country, often buy Iranian pistachios in packaged form for sale in stores. But Romania sells Iranian sliced ​​pistachios as raw materials.

In addition to Iranian pistachios, American and Turkish pistachios are also available in the Romanian market, but their quality is not comparable to Iranian products. Iran is known as the largest producer of pistachios in the world after the United States. Of course, the quality of Iranian pistachios is higher than American pistachios due to the favorable geographical and climatic conditions. Iranian pistachios have a unique variety and great taste.

Pistachio kernel cultivars exported to Romania

Various pistachio products are produced in Iran. Pistachio products used for export to foreign countries include:

All kinds of roasted pistachios and salted nuts

Types of pistachio kernels for export to Iran:

  1. Green pistachio kernel with two skins that has a dark green color and high quality and price.
  2. Kaal Green pistachio kernel, which is used in the production of sweets, is green.
  3. Flowering pistachio kernel, which has different types in terms of size and appearance. Broken and toothed pistachio kernels, which are cheaper and are used to produce food products.
  4. Different cultivars of pistachio slices and pistachio sheets (pistachio flakes).
  5. Various cultivars of green pistachio powder.

Pistachio slices are widely used for domestic market and export. The diversity of this product in terms of its types is more related to quality and not much other division can be done for it. In terms of quality, two parameters of color and health of pistachio slices are considered.

Export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania

Aflatoxin standard for pistachio sliced ​​exports


When exporting pistachio products to Europe, care must be taken to meet a standard called aflatoxin. In fact, according to this standard, the amount of aflatoxin tested in each export shipment must be less than a certain amount. If this standard is observed, it is necessary to issue the relevant certificate.

Aflatoxin is a fungus that grows in pistachios. The toxin produced by this fungus is aflatoxin toxin and for the export of Iranian pistachio slices to Romania, the amount of this toxin must be less than the limit specified in the standard required for the certification of aflatoxin export certification of pistachios.

Nutex Dried Fruit Trading Complex exports pistachios, pistachio kernels and pistachio slices of Iranian quality in accordance with export standards to Romania and other European countries.

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