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Everything You Need to Know About Pistachio Kernels - Nutex Group6 Health Benefits of Pistachios NutsThe production process of Nutex pistachio nuts
Everything You Need to Know About Pistachio Kernels - Nutex Group

Everything You Need to Know About Pistachio Kernels – Nutex Group:Nutex With its wide range of products in the field of foreign trade of dry fruits, nuts, especially pistachios and pistachio nuts, is present in the world market with the aim of providing the highest quality products at the most affordable prices!

Everything You Need to Know About Pistachio Kernels – Nutex Group

Everything You Need to Know About Pistachio Kernels - Nutex Group


Pistachio kernels have many varieties. Different categories are used based on the type of pistachio used for production, the time of kernels harvest, and whether or not the kernels are peeled.

1- Common Pistachio Kernels
These types are obtained from all four types of pistachio kernels. They are divided into two groups: closed-shell and open-shell, and their production is usually fully automatic. This type of kernel is especially suitable for confectionery and where they do not need to be crunched or powdered.
Common kernel types include Whole kernels, Double split kernels or pistachio chips, four-lobed kernels, Crushed kernels, or pistachio granules.

2- Unripe Pistachio Nuts
Unripe pistachio nuts are harvested before they are fully ripe. They have a slightly different flavor and are preferred for specific culinary applications where a distinct flavor is desired. This pistachio nut is also called early-picked. The production process of this type of kernel is the same as the usual type. In order to avoid the risk of contamination, some customers purchase unripe-shelled pistachios with their hard outer shell, which is called kaalak.

3- Peeled Or Double-Peeled Pistachio Kernels
Pistachio nuts with green color are one of the most popular types of kernels around the world. They are widely used in the food production industry. Many people refer to this type of nut as double-peeled pistachios. Based on the green shades of the pistachio nuts, they are categorized into different grades. Gradings include S, A, B, and C. The categories can continue to D, E, and F until the green color fades to yellow. Their price is determined by the degree of their green color. The best and most expensive green-skinned pistachio nuts are those with the darkest green (grade S). This type may also be used as crushed, powdered, or cut in thin slices called Khalal.

6 Health Benefits of Pistachios Nuts

6 Health Benefits of Pistachios Nuts - Nutex pistachio company


Packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it’s safe to say that pistachios are definitely on the “good food” list. Here’s six health benefits of pistachios you might not have known:

Pistachios are loaded with nutrients: A handful of pistachios (around 45) contain 156 calories, 3 grams of fibre, and are one of the most vitamin B6-rich foods around. If you recall from high school health class, vitamin B6 has the important task of regulating blood sugar and forming hemoglobin. Although a handful of pistachios do contain 12 grams of fat, 90% of these are healthy fats.

Pistachios are high in antioxidants: Pistachios are known to contain antioxidants that have strong cancer-fighting properties and cardiovascular disease prevention. Furthermore, pistachios also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids that help maintain eye health and overall immunity.

Pistachios may help you lose weight: Rich in fibre and protein, pistachios are the perfect mid-afternoon snack for when those cravings hit. They can help you feel full for longer, which means you’ll generally eat less. Bonus points if you eat in-shell pistachios, as it takes time to shell the nut and subsequently slows down the rate of eating (also known as mindful eating).

Pistachios are high in fibre: Eating pistachios daily has been said to improve your gut health. This is because all nuts, which are rich in fibre, help to move food through the gut and prevent constipation. Furthermore, their high fibre content means they may help reduce the risk of colon cancer.

Pistachios are great for vegans and vegetarians: With protein accounting for almost 21% of the total weight of the nut, pistachios contribute almost 6% to a person’s daily protein needs. For plant-based diets, pistachios provide that much-needed protein.

Pistachios make you feel good: No, really! Pistachios contain thiamine, which is also known as the “anti-stress” vitamin. This means doses of this nut will help you withstand stressful conditions and evade depression. It helps keep you energised.

The production process of Nutex pistachio nuts

The production process of Nutex pistachio nuts - Nutex pistachio company

The Nutex quality assurance system is one of the strictest in the world. It covers all stages of the process, from planting and growing, through sorting, packaging and delivery. This continuous monitoring ensures that our products and facilities meet the highest health, safety, quality and environmental standards in the industry.

Nutex follows the highest international standards for production, starting with farming and ending with sorting and shipping to more than 20 countries worldwide.

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