Sales Training – Sales Techniques

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Here we want to teach you 4 sales techniquesSell ​​the dreamShow your passion for your productStimulate their curiosityOf success Get inspired in the past

Sales Training – Sales Techniques

Here we want to teach you 4 sales techniques

Every salesperson should be familiar with the concept of sales strategy and technique; This is the only way to increase your sales. So the question is, what is sales? How does it happen? What are the main sales techniques that will help you? And how a salesperson should bring a customer to sell their product or service.
Selling basically means a transaction in which a good or service is exchanged for money, and also refers to the process of persuading a person or organization to buy something. A successful salesperson must have several important characteristics, including the ability to communicate, listen effectively to customers, and so on. Sales occur when a customer understands how this product or service meets a need or improves his or her life. So if you are selling a product or service, you need to focus on delivering the benefits to the buyer.

Selling to those who are interested in your products is an easy task. They have done some basic research and concluded that you are a potential solution, now all you have to do is address their questions and problems and make sure they have chosen you from your competitors.
It is difficult to sell to people who do not know you, but it is not impossible. I use four techniques to sell to these types of buyers. Be with me:

Sell ​​the dream

Dreams are everything. Everyone has dreams, for example, sometimes enjoying a nature trip with your kids. For some, starting a company is personal, and for others, buying a state-of-the-art car and… the first and most important sales technique is to ask your customers questions to get to know their dreams so you can find their areas of interest.

Consider, for example, the Nike motto: “Just do it” or go back to Kink: “Go your own way”
These slogans have nothing to do with the products they sell, they say what you can do with their product.

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“When I contacted the sales manager of 500 successful companies to introduce my company services to them, I did not tell them: ‘I am Jeff from Boston and I teach sales and consulting in Boston,'” says Jeff Hoffman. I would like to introduce my services. Do you have time? This conversation will definitely not be interesting for the client and will not encourage him to communicate. Instead, you can start the conversation like this: You are the first person I talk to and as soon as you hire me I will join the team I will teach your sales how to sell like me! “Now, without introducing myself or talking about my services, I have attracted their attention and made them curious to continue working together.”

Once they are interested, you will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and your products. If you sell content services, you may see errors in the customer’s website and send them corrections via email. Put this phrase at the end of your message: ‌ As a content expert, what I will do for you is 100% error free.

As someone who provides training services to managers, for example, you can say: It seems that instead of promoting your employees, you hire from outside the manager, what do you think about 80% of your managers from the current promotion of your current employees?

Show your passion for your product

Many sellers pretend that they are not biased towards their product and only intend to sell the product to the benefit of the buyer, but now these strategies no longer respond due to the intelligence of the buyers.
In fact, no behavior can cause a customer to forget that you intend to sell your product. The second point about sales techniques is that you need to stop pretending and do the opposite: Believe that your product or service is the best.

Show your customers the thrill of presenting your product, tell the story of your product, and tell them why it was produced and how your product is going to improve their situation.

This sense of prejudice and belief in the product conveys a good feeling to your potential customers and can be used as a sales technique.

Stimulate their curiosity

To accompany a customer, you have to arouse his curiosity, ‌ But how? To do this, you must have a convincing answer to any questions you may be asked. Imagine yourself as a customer and ask yourself about the product Questions like ‌ Why should the product be attractive to the customer? Which customer needs does this product meet? And answer such questions. In this way, when presenting your product, you can accompany the customer by asking questions. Be prepared to answer his questions in advance.
When you make a phone call to someone, your goal should be to get their attention. I use this sales technique to do my job.
At the beginning of the session, I tell them, “Before I forget, please remind me at the end of the session to ask you a question.”

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They will surely accept.
At the end of the session, they either remind me of the question I was supposed to ask or they forget.
If they remembered the question I was going to ask them, it turns out that they were willing to cooperate and I did my job well, but if they forgot to remind me, it shows that I was not successful in my work and should Let me try another way.

Of success Get inspired in the past

I have always tried to repeat my past successes and not think about my mistakes, our mind often behaves like a search engine and shows us the results we have been looking for.
If you just focus on how you failed in the past, then most likely the only thing you will achieve is failure.
The good news is that if you focus on things you have already done, the same rule applies.

One way to reinforce this mindset is to reach out to your current customers and ask them what attracted you to their first contact. Their response can help you apply this trick to others.

Get help from your old customers. An old customer is someone you have managed to sell to at least once, so with a survey you can get information about your concerns, priorities and pros and cons and increase the likelihood of repeat sales. On the other hand, their response can help you attract new customers using these tips.

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