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Pistachio department store at the best price In big stores, in addition to increasing your shopping speed, you can spend more time together at home with family members and enjoy the best Iranian food products, such as pistachios with the best quality and price.


In stores, pistachios are sold in bulk and in small quantities, which has good quality for each customer is a prerequisite for buying it. In large stores, pistachios can have a variety of prices with the best quality ahead and hand Selection of the best Iranian pistachios. Pistachio sales are offered in big stores with the best packaging.


Pistachio price list in 2020

The price of pistachios in the country and any other country is affected by environmental factors and certainly due to exchange rate changes in the year before 1998 and weather conditions last year and the shortage of pistachios due to the loss of pistachio bushes and increasing demand.


In the case of this consumer (food) product, its price has increased last year, and now in 1998, due to the mass production of pistachios in the country and the lack of change in the exchange rate in the country and limited stabilization in domestic markets, it is expected.

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Demand should be equal to the supply of this product and its price should not be subject to changes, and at least at the same rate as last year, it should be sent to the domestic market and the price of Akbari pistachio, which is an example of the best pistachios in our country, should enter pistachio supply stores.


To meet the needs of the domestic sector and retail purchases, but also at the global level and exports, domestic traders can trade directly at a reasonable price by contacting directly and eliminating intermediaries that increase the price of this valuable product.


The most leafy pistachio producer in Iran

Pistachio is produced in many countries, but its main producer and production base is in the Middle East, and Iran is the best producer in the world due to its suitable climate and four seasons, and in our country, Iran, we have cities that as They are considered as exporters and send high quality pistachios to the world markets.


Cities such as Sanjan, Ferdows, Sirjan, Kashan, Damghan, Kerman and Nain are known as the pistachio producing cities of the country. Rafsanjan and Kerman are selected as the highest quality pistachios.

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Specifications and characteristics of first-class pistachios

Types of pistachios are divided into two groups: round and elongated, which is a division in appearance and is not a reason for the quality of pistachios.

High quality pistachios have characteristics that distinguish it from other pistachios:

good taste and delicious Iranian pistachio shows its excellent quality – Coarseness of pistachio seeds is another feature – High quality pistachio harvested in the same year that has beautiful green and purple colors – The most prominent feature of first-class pistachio is its smell, which It should not smell old.


These features can be found in Akbari pistachios produced in Rafsanjan and Neyriz.

Wholesale quality fandoghi pistachios

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fandoghi pistachio is called fandoghi pistachio because of its small size and round and fandoghi-like appearance. Asian countries such as China, Iraq and…. Most fandoghi pistachios are bought from Iran. Because this type of pistachio is cheaper than other types of pistachios. The sale of fandoghi pistachios has a great place in the confectionery industry. And buying raw pistachios due to having many properties such as calming and maintaining blood pressure, regulating blood insulin levels, strengthening the immune system and…. Suitable for all ages.

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