Mission and vision Nutex Company

Mission and vision Nutex CompanyMissionVisionOrganizational Values

Mission and vision Nutex Company


⇒ We want to offer the best quality and price for customers.
⇒ We try to deliver the goods to our esteemed customers earlier than promised.
⇒ We want to be the largest trading company in our foreign trade.
⇒ We owe our structure and survival to you customers, we always try to satisfy you dear customers.
⇒ We need your customer satisfaction, because we believe that a satisfied customer will bring several more customers.
⇒ And we try to target the export of goods so that we can create a positive balance in the country’s foreign trade relations.


Vision In the next ten years, Nutex, as the largest company in the private sector in the field of nuts and dried fruits trade, will become a flagship and leader by becoming a credible, distinctive and diverse group with a customer orientation, as well as providing business services with credibility and satisfaction. The growing number of customers is taking a big step towards the development of Iran’s lofty goals.

Organizational Values

⇒ Adherence to ethical and commercial values
⇒ Protecting the interests of shareholders and company personnel
⇒ Orbital law and central justice
⇒ You have honesty and trustworthiness
⇒ customer appreciation
⇒ creativity and innovation
⇒ Meritocracy
⇒ mutual trust

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