Mamra Almond Kernel Suppliers | Iranian Almond

Mamra Almond Kernel Suppliers | Iranian AlmondPrices of Mamra almond kernels
Mamra Almond Kernel Suppliers | Iranian Almond

Mamra Almond Kernel Suppliers | Iranian Almond , Nutex business is a supplier of first-class export Mamra almond kernels and is ready to provide services in the field of trade.

Mamra Almond Kernel Suppliers | Iranian Almond

Mamra Almond Kernel Suppliers | Iranian Almond

Mamra almond kernels are produced in a limited way and only in one of the provinces of the country. This leads to increased exports and sometimes rising prices. Major buyers can contact direct suppliers for cheap supply of this product. What is the best way to achieve this goal?

Mamra almonds have a woody shell and are very hard in appearance. It is one of the late yielding cultivars among all types of almonds. The kernel of this type of almond is about 36% and has a relatively sweet taste.

You may be interested to know that this type of almond is cultivated only in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. Every year, a significant amount of it is exported to different countries and in this regard, it is considered a product with economic value. The main consumption of Mamra almonds is in the dried fruit production industry, but the cake and confectionery industry is always looking to buy this product at a cheap price to use in its products.

In general, it can be said that Mamra export almonds are used as a good example not only for export but also as a raw material for a variety of nutty sweets such as turmeric, sohan, cakes and cookies and even for the preparation of almond nut ice cream.

Preparation of almond oil and essential oil is another application in the oil and cosmetics industry. Note that the modern pharmaceutical industry also uses a variety of organic nuts to produce functional and high-efficiency products in their pharmaceutical compositions.

Prices of Mamra almond kernels

Prices of Mamra almond kernels

Types of Mamra almond kernels:

  1. 80 seeds (AAAAA)
  2. 90 seeds (AAAA)
  3. 100 seeds (AAA)
  4. 110 seeds (AA)
  5. 120 seeds (A)
  6. 130 seeds (ES)
  7. 140 seeds up (mini)

Our company can supply any size in any tonnage.

First-class Mamra almond kernels have a relatively high price and rate in the market as an export figure. Of course, pricing is based on the quality of the nuts, which are classified into grades one to three.

Major buyers are well aware that the type of order and the volume of purchase have a great impact on the process of increasing or decreasing prices. Direct suppliers are the best choice for buying high quality midwifery almond kernels in the market.

Prices are also subject to fluctuations in the dried fruit market are always accompanied by changes.

Inquiring the export price or bulk purchase as well as knowing the target market has an effective role in the success of buyers or sellers of this product.

Market participants to purchase different types of Iranian almond kernels can register an order and purchase at the production price through this center.

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