Iranian Green Pistachio Slice Factory

Iranian Green Pistachio Slice FactoryExporter company of green pistachio slices
Iranian Green Pistachio Slice Factory

Iranian Green Pistachio Slice Factory / You can buy first-class Iranian pistachio slices at a reasonable price from NUTEX Pistachio Slices Factory.

Iranian Green Pistachio Slice Factory

 Iranian Green Pistachio Slice Factory

Nutex Pistachio Slicing Factory; The main producer of first-class Iranian green pistachio slices for export, as well as domestic consumption for the production of sweets, sohan, etc.

Pistachio slice is one of the highest quality pistachio products in Iran, which due to its delicious taste, high fat content and very green color, in addition to the domestic markets of Iran, has many fans in various foreign countries.

In fact, Iranian pistachio slices are the highest quality pistachio slices available in world markets.

This product has many uses and is used to prepare and decorate a variety of sweets, desserts and various foods.

Pistachio slices have a special production method and have a high drop percentage, which is why they have a high price.

Manufacturers and exporters of this product should pay special attention to the export standards of pistachios because this product is a very sensitive and vulnerable product.

Major producers of Iranian pistachio slices are often active in Qazvin, Kerman and Khorasan provinces. Qazvin pistachio slice is the highest quality pistachio slice produced in Iran.

Nutex Pistachio Slice Production Factory offers the best types of Iranian green pistachio solvents directly in different markets.

Exporter company of green pistachio slices

Exporter company of green pistachio slices

Numerous companies and complexes are active in the field of Iranian pistachio slices.

Nutex Collection is one of the collections that is the manufacturer and exporter of this product in international markets. With its many years of experience in the field of sales and export of Iranian pistachios and its products such as pistachio slices, this group has provided many advantages for dear buyers and traders:

  1. Convenient purchase from major and original manufacturers
  2. Buy the product with the lowest price and the highest quality

Dear ones, with just a simple call, you can buy your product directly and with the best quality and price from Nutex Pistachio Slice Factory.

For consultation, purchase and receiving the daily price of the products, contact the consultants of Nutex Dried Fruit Company.

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