High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam

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High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/BadamHow to know the almonds we purchased are original Iranian Mamra?How many Iranian Mamra for Brain health?How many Iranian Mamra for Beautiful Skin?How many Iranian Mamra for heart health?How many Iranian Mamra for bodybuilding?How many Iranian Mamra for better sleep?
High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam

High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam _ Definitely one of the best-selling and most valuable almonds in the world is Iranian Mamra almond, mamra almond is offered in the market in two forms with and without skin.

At Nutex Group, with the direct production of this valuable and unique product, we have been able to capture a significant part of foreign markets.

High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam

High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam

The benefits offered by different types of almonds are almost the same, what is different is the number of nutrients of each type.

Mamra almonds have higher amounts of fat, sugar, carbohydrates and calories than other types of almonds. And their lower yields make them slightly more expensive than California almonds.

This almond is produced only in Iran and it is imported from Iran. Mamra almond is completely natural and organic and no chemicals are used in its production.

Iranian Mamra is the largest type of almond among California and Afghan almonds. This type of almond contains vitamins, minerals, proteins and other minerals and nutrients, so it is highly recommended for the health and strengthening of the skin, anemic patients, cardiovascular patients, etc.

Dermatitis, eczema, dry skin all this will vanish once the Consumption of Iranian Mamra is exercised. The main component of the Iranian Mamra Badam Oil is unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. How easy is it to look for its individual benefits? The vitamin E present in this oil enriches the skin with higher water content.

Reducing scar marks is an essential benefit of this snack. Just like Afghani Mamra Iranian Mamra is beneficial for body builders for muscle development. Though not as much as the Californian Almonds, the Iranian Mamra do aid in weight loss. These provide higher nutrition than Californian Almonds.

If you see Iranian Mamra is highest in Price among the other types. The reason for this is the fact that it has a long history of demand by the Kings of the Time. The palace authorities would always purchase the kind from the Iranian Markets. The royal history keeps its name up. Also, as natural as these dried fruits are, the benefits served by these are raw. With no chemical being used from the cultivation to harvest and packaging, this type doesn’t have any side effects.

High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam

These drupes are unique in taste, beneficial, and somewhat cervical in shape. Being raw and in the pure state, the price is more. This badam type is rare and less available. But it is crunchy to eat and sweet to taste. Blood sugar levels are regulated, as are the blood pressure levels. The higher content of fiber keeps from eating more food. Basically a feeling of being satiated is created. This prevents eating often- thus weight loss is gained.

Mamra has a higher percentage of minerals like magnesium and potassium as well. Now magnesium firstly helps fight depression. This mental scenario is what most of the people are facing right now. Anxiety, bad moods, irritability is what the majority goes through in current ages. Maybe the reason for this is an unhealthy diet with a lot of unnatural oil in it. Again if we introspect, the trend of eating junk and fast foods has made us land in very deteriorated health conditions. The way out is simple. Switching to healthier snacks like Almonds itself.  Magnesium is an Iranian Mamra Almonds that have anti-inflammatory actions. Thus can act as a shield for those.

suffering from arthritis. Mamra Almonds also help against migraines. All this because of the presence of one single nutrient- Magnesium. Moreover, magnesium keeps us sane. It promotes better brain health as it affects more than 300 enzymes of the creature known as the human body. It nevertheless also strengthens the bone and teeth health, reduces insulin resistance, improves muscle functioning, and affects overall cardiovascular health. It regulates blood pressure levels and what not?

Iranian Mamra being a Mamra is again good in oil content and provides numerous benefits as well. The scaly flaky scalp will no more itch your head once Mamra almond consumption is practiced. Moreover, hair growth is promoted and strengthened growth is witnessed. Hair is repaired as well.

Iranian Mamra grown in Iran is one of the oldest cultivations natively belonging to this region.

High Quality Irani Mamra Almonds/Badam

How to know the almonds we purchased are original Iranian Mamra?

It will feel oily and these are the costliest of all.

How many Iranian Mamra for Brain health?

10-12 almonds at breakfast, soaked in water overnight will definitely help improve brain health. This can act as a cure for Alzheimer’s. Improve memory, increase retention, and improve neuron health.

How many Iranian Mamra for Beautiful Skin?

7-10 almonds soaked in the water overnight will cleanse your skin from all the impurities and toxins from the body. A beautiful healthy and soft skin will be your gain. Vitamin E increases the nourishment and keeps it soft and clear. Applying the oil from almonds can act as a shield in sun exposure.

How many Iranian Mamra for heart health?

10 almonds a day at breakfast is enough to keep you away from heart problems. The best way to consume is to soak it overnight and drink the water as well, besides eating almonds.

Point to note, never throws away the water that you used for soaking the almonds. It is extremely healthy.

How many Iranian Mamra for bodybuilding?

If you are working out and want to have strong and muscular biceps, have 20-25 Iranian mamra a day. This will provide you with lean protein and look for your good health.

How many Iranian Mamra for better sleep?

This generation is facing a serious issue about sleep. It is now normal that everyone is awake until 1 or 2 am. However, if seen in real life, this is a matter of great concern. Sleeplessness can drive a person insane. In Fact, the research is that those who don’t get enough sleep at night can die an uncertain death. But not to fear. Nature holds a remedy to everything within itself. an ounce of almonds in Milk before bed will provide you with a very healthy sleep definitely. And we must try very hard to fit our sleep cycle at the proper time. Try sleeping by 10 or 11 pm.

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