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Exportable Almond important specificationsExportable Almond various types around the world
The best almonds for export / import,Mamra almonds

The share of exportable almond in the global market is very high. The largest exporters are the United States, Spain and Australia, respectively. The growth of almond exports has decreased by 2% compared to 2018. The producers of this product have been able to export their products to the international markets by applying the principles of marketing and packaging.

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Exportable Almond important specifications

The best almonds for export / import,Mamra almonds

Exported peanuts are among the best in their field; And it has good quality. This product is most valuable dried fruits in the world. The major buyers of dried fruits in the country are always looking for different types of peanuts at reasonable prices. These people can get help from authorized dealers.

Peanut buyers in the country can be divided into two general categories: retail and wholesale customers. Retail sellers of dried fruits and food store owners have formed the most important major customers of peanuts. It is worth mentioning; Purchasing peanuts in the market of different cities of the country is done at different prices. Because this delicious food, in turn, has different types.

For example, the price of green and fresh peanuts is different from the price of peanuts without skin. But apart from the type and variety of peanuts, how you buy the product is also very important. For example, the purchase price of peanuts from a farmer is much cheaper.

Exportable Almond various types around the world

Export of quality Mamra almond kernels

Cheap supply of dried fruits throughout Iran is done by various manufacturers. Peanuts are known to be one of the most popular nuts in many countries, available in a variety of domestic and foreign markets. Its deliciousness, freshness and crispness are the main criteria for buyers in Iran. Quality peanuts are sold all over the country by reputable agencies. Most cities in Iran sell this product extensively.

Due to the variety of products offered, there are different prices for selling peanuts. It is recommended that buyers, especially major buyers, be very careful in choosing the supply centers for this product.

Astana is known as one of the most important centers for the supply of peanuts in the country:

  • Peanut varieties
  • Smelled
  • Raw
  • Indian

Peanut kernels are also very nutritious and can be used in a variety of ways. Peanut export is one of the most lucrative items for countries operating in this field.

The countries mentioned below are the most important countries in terms of exports:

  • India
  • Brazil
  • Singapore
  • America
  • Sudan

 Exported peanuts are converted to oil in other countries and are used for bread and pastry products. For several years, Iranian traders and merchants have shown a special interest in exporting this product, and from northern cities, especially, they export this product to first-class European countries and make useful currency.You can find information about Exportable Almond price list and Exportable Almond supplier on various websites.


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