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Supply of first-class export pistachiosHow to export Iranian pistachiosNecessary licenses for exporting Iranian pistachios

Export of pistachios – Export of Iranian pistachios – Iran is one of the largest producers of pistachios in the world. Pistachio is one of the most valuable agricultural products produced in Iran. Pistachios have long been exported to other countries of the world.

In recent years, due to the US involvement in pistachio cultivation, there has been a very tough competition between Iran and the US over this valuable trade. The United States is working to increase its pistachio fields and farmland. Iran is also known as the cradle of pistachio production in the world. In addition to farms in different parts of the country, including Yazd, Kerman and other provinces, pistachio farms and fields are increasing.

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Supply of first-class export pistachios

Properties of white pistachio skin
To buy first-class export pistachios and also to get information about the latest prices of first-class pistachios, you can contact Dorinam collection. Dorinam is a large network of farmers and suppliers of pistachios and almonds throughout Iran, you can easily contact the best producers, farmers and warehouses of Iranian pistachios using Dorinam Company consultants.

How to export Iranian pistachios

The first step to start exporting pistachios is to consider the customer’s needs. Because the type of pistachio can be different depending on the destination country. Experience has shown that European countries are usually very strict, which is why the best type of pistachio is exported to European countries. European countries given that they are developed. They accept quality pistachios and the best buyers of quality pistachios in Iran are European countries and developed countries.

After selecting the type of pistachio requested by the customer, the standards of the country of origin and destination should be checked by the customs of both countries.

For example, many standards are for examining the quality and quantity of pistachios. For example, European countries are strict about the aflatoxin content of pistachios, so only pistachios with low aflatoxin levels will enter Europe. Compliance with all laws and standards of the destination country is required for the export of pistachios.

We have reviewed all the laws of different countries in the large Dorinam complex and we can help traders and traders to export pistachios and almonds with great care. This will make the trade of traders continue to be stable.
Obtaining various approvals for the health of pistachios in the export of pistachios and similar products can be somewhat time consuming. Therefore, according to a proper and accurate schedule, we do the export of pistachios and almonds and dried fruit products well in order to prevent losses for traders and merchants.

Necessary licenses for exporting Iranian pistachios

What are the harms of pistachios?

It is necessary to export pistachios through all the steps mentioned in the above paragraphs. Remember that after preparing and supplying pistachios and other dried fruit products, we must consider appropriate packaging for the transportation of products, in the packaging, all company information and load information must be included on the packaging.

Sometimes pistachios are exported in bulk, to export pistachios in bulk, it must be placed in a sack and the product information must be accurately engraved on all sacks in a labeling manner.

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Supplier of the most important and best pistachio cultivars for export

Hazelnut pistachio:

From the name of hazelnut pistachio, it can be understood that hazelnut pistachio is a pistachio that is the size of a hazelnut and slightly larger or smaller. With a very good counterpart and exporter for other pistachios. This post is available in sizes 26 to 28 – 28 to ٣٠ – ٣٠ to 32.

Pistachio Ahmad Aghaei:

Ahmad Aghaei pistachio is larger in size than hazelnut pistachio and in terms of taste has the best taste and the most delicious taste among other pistachios is the reason for one of the most popular export posts among East Asian countries. This pistachio is available in sizes 22 and 24 – 24 and 26.

Akbari pistachio:

Akbari pistachio has more elongated grains compared to Ahmad Aghaei pistachio, and its skin is also transparent white. This pistachio is available in sizes 20, 22, 22 and 24 in the market.


Koleghoochi pistachio is large and round in size. My homeland is unique. Koleghoochi pistachio has different two-digit sizes that are offered in the market from 18 to 26.

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