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What are the specifications of best almonds?Best almonds exporting countries in 2020
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Best almonds exporting countries – Nutex company – The best almonds can be easily searched in the country and there is not much need for imported almonds because now in Iran all kinds of almonds are produced and distributed with the desired quality and self-sufficiency can be achieved by supporting domestic products. The background was achieved.


What are the specifications of best almonds?

Direct sale site of Iranian Mamra AlmondsThe customer may be wondering which type of almond tree is better for oral consumption, especially in nuts. Of course, there is not much difference between the types of Iranian almonds available in the market, and it should be said that all of them are of the required quality, but an almond sample may be more useful for use in a specific case, for example, stone almonds produced in Iran. And distribution has a good position. It is mostly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as being consumed orally.

In general, the best type of almond tree for nuts is paper almond and midwifery, which due to the high price of the type of midwifery, most people are looking for paper almond peel. To make the appearance of nuts luxurious with this excellent sample.


Almond tree has an acceptable sales among the majority of nuts, and this is due to its unique properties.

  • Consumption of almonds prevents respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis
  • Type 2 diabetics can use almonds to treat themselves
  • This type of almond is useful for strengthening bones and teeth due to the presence of zinc and calcium
  • Consumption of almonds for the elderly is effective in preventing Alzheimer’s

Best almonds exporting countries in 2020

Best almonds exporting countries in 2020

The best almonds on the market are almonds, which are delicious and reasonably priced. With the wholesale prices of the best almonds, you can make the best deal in trading in the market and make this trade profitable for yourself.

One of the ways to buy and sell in the market is to buy bulk products and packaging in smaller dimensions and quantities, which is very profitable. Naturally, the wholesale price of products is much lower than the small amount. After harvest, for example, a farmer expects to sell his entire crop at once, even if the value of his crop is reduced and he is willing to sell his produce.

If we want to introduce the best almond tree in Iran, we can hardly name a single almond. Because each of the different varieties of almonds grown in our country has unique benefits. First-class peanuts are exported to Europe and Turkey by commercial companies from the Customs Free Zone.

Traders and exporters can cooperate with Company for the Peanut Export Center and make their export cargo to European countries and Turkey in high tonnage from our company. Exporting like running water is a river that flows and benefits all the low-income areas from its blessings. Exports in any field make it easy for the applicant to access the required product.

One of the good opportunities for Iran is the possibility of exporting peanuts and almonds and their products to Arab countries. Due to the weakness of their industry and agriculture, these countries are forced to import almonds and other agricultural items, and their geographical and cultural proximity tends to trade with Iran. You can find information about Whole Raw Almonds and Top 7 most popular almonds in the world  on various websites.