Supply of Kale ghouchi salted pistachios

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Supply of Kale ghouchi salted pistachios
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Supply of Kale ghouchi salted pistachios / Types of flavored Iranian pistachios are mainly offered to different customers and all matters related to sending the product for export and import will be accepted.

Supply of Kale ghouchi salted pistachios

Supply of Kale ghouchi salted pistachios

Kale ghouchi, Ahmad Aghaei, Badami, Akbari and Fandoghi pistachios of Iran are offered in the form of salted and raw for sale in export markets.

Kale ghouchi pistachio is produced in different cities of Iran, the most famous type of Kale ghouchi pistachio belongs to Rafsanjan and in the later stages, Sirjan and Sabzevar pistachio Kale ghouchi are known as quality samples in the pistachio market.

This type of pistachio has many fans in the market due to its special shape and is offered to different customers in raw and salted form.

Supply of Kale ghouchi salted pistachios

Kale ghouchi pistachio is offered in the market in two main forms, the types of which are raw and salty. This product is salted in various forms, among which we can mention tandoori and European salt.

If this product wants to be offered to the domestic market, its medium sizes can be used. If the purpose of pistachio supply is for export markets, all its sizes can be used according to the target market.

Iranian flavored pistachios are very popular in international markets and their supply can be very profitable for buyers and exporters.

This product also has its unique fans in quality-oriented markets such as Arab countries.

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