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Price of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachioApplications of closed mouth pistachioClosed mouth pistachio exportDetermining the price of closed mouth pistachiosMajor sales and export of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachios
Price of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachio

Price of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachio _ Nutex Company offers types of closed mouth pistachios directly to buyers in different places.

Price of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachio

Price of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachio

The price of closed mouth Kale Ghouchi pistachio is determined based on different parameters of smiling pistachio. The sale and purchase of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachios is very prosperous in the domestic and foreign markets.

Closed-mouth pistachio is in great demand due to its various uses. The export of closed-mouth pistachios is also suitable for different countries that are looking for pistachios with healthy kernels and are very strict in terms of health.

Applications of closed mouth pistachio

In the pistachio harvest season, after wet pistachio processing, smiling pistachios are separated from closed-mouth pistachios. closed-Mouth pistachio is a pistachio whose pistachio kernel is not able to split the bone skin of the pistachio (smiling pistachio) due to improper growth and the bony skin of the pistachio remains closed.

Closed-mouth pistachios are used for a variety of purposes. Here are some of them:

  • Production of mechanical open pistachios

One of the biggest uses of this type of pistachio is the production of mechanical open pistachios, which has a relatively good market due to its more reasonable price than smiling pistachios.

  • Pistachio kernel production

Most of the pistachio kernels on the market are produced by breaking down closed-mouth pistachios, which is known as the most important pistachio product.

  • Production of pistachio slices

One of the most important pistachio products is pistachio slices, which are mainly made from pistachios with closed mouths, such as Ahmad Aghaei pistachios, etc.

  • Preparation of pistachio powder

Pistachio powder is often made from broken pistachio kernels, which is very useful in confectionery.

Closed mouth pistachio export

Price of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachio

Closed-mouth pistachios are available in a variety of pistachios produced in Iran.The export of closed mouth pistachios depends on several countries in the world.

For example, Japan is one of the largest buyers of Closed-mouth pistachios.This country buys and packages Closed-mouth pistachios from Iran and smiles and packages them and offers them to the market with very high prices and high added value.

Turkey, as one of the major buyers of Iranian pistachios, often seeks to buy Closed-mouth pistachios from Iran to produce pistachio kernels.

EU member states are also seeking to import Closed-mouth pistachios from Iran due to strict regulations on aflatoxin. Closed-mouth pistachios are healthier because the pest does not penetrate the brain.

Determining the price of closed mouth pistachios

Unlike smiling pistachios, there are different criteria for determining the price of closed-mouth pistachios, the most important of which are:
  • Pistachio type

The type of pistachio is very influential on the price of this type of pistachio in terms of the elongation and roundness of the kernel or its flowering and the amount of green vegetables.

  • Warm the brain

The amount of kernel produced from breaking 100 grams of pistachios is the most important criterion for determining the price. Because the higher the amount of kernels per 100 yards, the higher the price of closed mouth pistachios than the base price and the lower the price.

Major sales and export of Kale Ghouchi closed mouth pistachios

As you know, the largest centers for the production of closed mouth pistachios in Iran are pistachio recording and processing terminals. Buying a product from these centers is a very good option because it is first hand.

Nutex Trading Company, having several pistachio recording terminals in pistachio-rich regions of Iran, produces a large volume of closed-mouth pistachios every year, especially Kale Ghouchi, and sends them directly to different parts of the world.

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