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Mamra almond prices in the Indian marketPrices of Mamra almonds in the Iranian marketShahrekord Mamra almond price calculation formulaBuy and sell Mamra almonds
Export price of Mamra almond kernels to India

Mamra almond prices in the market – The price of Mamra almonds in the Iranian and Indian markets is higher than other almonds. But the price of Mamra almonds at Nutex is fair and equitable.

Nutex Company has a direct and direct relationship with the main producers, especially the farmers of Saman region in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, one of the best areas for the production of high quality sweet almonds and their varieties.

The company has extensive activities in almond production areas, especially high quality and quality, and is active in production alongside other major producers.

If you are going to buy almonds or you are looking for the price of almonds or you are working in the almond business and you are looking for a reliable company to supply cargo in high tonnage, Nutex company is a good option for you, dear buyers.

Mamra almond prices in the Indian market

Mamra almond prices in the market _ Nutex Company
The price of Mamra almonds in the Indian market is higher than other almonds. Mamra almonds have attracted the attention of many people abroad, especially in India, due to their high nutritional value, and other almonds are the real choice for the real customer.

For this reason, Indian and non-Indian traders make huge profits by buying it from Iran and selling it in India and the Persian Gulf countries. Most of Shahrekord Mamra almonds are exported to India.

Prices of Mamra almonds in the Iranian market

Direct sale site of Iranian Mamra Almonds
Fluctuations in host prices prevent it from being announced on the sites, but Nutex Company does not hesitate to announce the price to you, the buyer and exporter of Mamra almonds, so you can easily and directly buy and sell Mamra almonds with the sales manager. Contact Nutex Company>>>

This company, while having a direct and two-way relationship with the producer and the buyer, has been able to provide the customer with a safe and appropriate purchase and cut the real profit from the brokers and reach the pocket of the main producer.

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Shahrekord Mamra almond price calculation formula

Supplier of Mamra almonds in Shahrekord
In this text, we have briefly uploaded the formula for calculating the price of Shahrekord Mamra almonds. The high value and price of Mamra almond kernels have led to a unique calculation formula for this type of almond.

Various formulas have been proposed in this regard, but the most common formula is as follows:

  • Then we separate 100 grams of that brain.
  • We count the number of nuts in this 100 grams.
  • No matter how many almond kernels there are in 100 grams, Mamra almonds are called by the same name.
  • For example, if the number of almonds in 100 grams is 110, it is named 110 seeds.

Briefly, the following cultivars are different ores of Mamra almonds:

  • Mamra 80 seeds: 5A
  • 90 seeds Mamra brain: 4A
  • 100 seeds Mamra brain: 3A
  • Mamra 110 seeds: 2A
  • Mamra 120 seeds: A
  • 130 seeds of Mamra: ES
  • 140 seeds Mamra brain: Esb
  • 150 seeds of Mamra: mini

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The purchase of these almonds starts before the harvest. Because this almond is very valuable and has many applicants in foreign countries. Buyers and importers of almonds can contact us to buy Mamra almonds, sell Mamra almonds, export Mamra almonds. If you have a friend abroad, with his help you can reach the target market of almonds in that country and export almonds and buy and sell almonds.

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