Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio

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Export of Akbari Pistachio

Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio , Nutex Company has strengthened its activity as an exporter of Akbari pistachios in Iran in recent years, and the markets of Kuwait, Iraq, Oman, UAE and India are the most important buyers of Nutex pistachio processing factories.

Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio

Iranian Super Long / Akbari Pistachio

The most favorable and commercial type of pistachio harvested in Iran is Akbari, which is more elaborate than “Ahmad Aghaei pistachios”, “Round and Jumbo pistachio” and has higher commercial value.
This type is generally well cultivated in Rafsanjan and Kerman. But it is also cultivable in other Iranian cities. In addition to Rafsanjan and Kerman, this type grows in the cities and provinces of Qazvin, Ardakan, Yazd, Khor and Biabank of Isfahan and Qom.The pistachio tree is a form that requires a lot of winter cold and is resistant to the cold. The tree’s is less planted in the tropics and if it is planted it is not as cold as the pistachio.

Ground conditions, type of irrigation, and length of cold play a major role in the growth and development of the Iranian Pistachios.

The pistachio tree blooms later than any other pistachio tree, so it grows later and unlike most specimens that are ready to be harvested in early September to mid-September, the Akbari sample should usually be harvested at the end of September.

Akbari are more difficult to produce than other types, and the pistachio tree needs much more care. Because it is ready to be harvested later and may heat up if inadequate attention is also susceptible to pest.

Akbari Pistachio tree profile:

This type has a moderate growth potential and a widespread habit of growth. the crown width is 380 cm (wide width) and tree height is 297 cm (average height).

The flowering date is 21th April and, end of flowering on 26th April. The flowering period is 11 days.

It can be harvested in September.

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Akbari Pistachio fruit profile:

The shape of the fruit is almond-like and rectangular, skin color is dark cream.

  • The fresh weight of the fruit with green skin is about 4.8 g.
  • Green without skin weight 29/80 g
  • Dry weight 0.75 g to 1/45 g
  • Dry length 12,22 mm

Advantages of Akbari pistachio and the reasons for its popularity

  • If it is fresh and well roasted, it will have a crunchy and very tasty taste, and this is one of the reasons for its popularity.
  • Akbari pistachio is long and beautiful and looks more luxurious in appearance
  • Akbari pistachio (super long pistachio) skin is easier to peel and you do not need to put much energy into it to peel it.

Export of Akbari Pistachio

Export of Akbari Pistachio

This type of pistachio is hardly able to obtain valid EU standard certificates.

Because the most important issue for EU countries is health standards, and the most difficult is the aflatoxin certification, and since Akbari pistachios remain more on the tree than other pistachios until they are harvested and the last days of the harvest season, most Aflatoxin pests are absorbed by this type of pistachio. At the same time, its export is a good option for the Indian and Arab markets.

Akbari Pistachio and Export

Domestic and foreign customers of this type of pistachio are very high. And more than 80% of Iran’s Akbari is exported. Akbari is also called luxury pistachio and is higher in price than other pistachios.

Nutrition and Benefits of Akbari Pistacho

Akbari pistachios are very nutritious and rich in vitamins and minerals. this fruit has high levels of copper, magnesium and vitamin B which is why it is very good for strengthening the nerves and immune system.

Eating a handful of pistachios provides the body with a daily need for vitamin B6, which is vital to the body’s immunity. And in the absence of this vitamin, it is more likely that a person will develop a variety of infectious diseases.

This pistachio has a lot of iron and helps in the growth and production of red blood cells. The antioxidant content of this fruit is also high. It is also beneficial for the health of eyes and skin. Boiling pistachio skin can help to reduce bone pain. You can also massage the green skin of pistachio on the palm of your head once a few days to prevent hair loss.

Other benefits of consuming pistachios on a daily basis include heart strength, heart rate control, lowering blood cholesterol, preventing cancer and premature aging. The high nutrients in fruit and high calorie intake make nutritionists recommend pistachio for pregnant women, athletes and children.

Nutex production group is ready to export Akbari pistachios and other types of pistachios such as Ahmad Aghaei, Kale ghouchi, Badami and Fandoghi in high volume at competitive prices for buyers in different countries.

This type of pistachio is exported in suitable packaging of bulk and beautiful pistachios for all Arab countries such as Oman, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and India in raw and flavored forms with the highest quality and reasonable price.