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Iranian Dates [Best Price in 2022] - Nutex CompanyIranian DatesWhat are dates?Iranian Dates TypesIranian Dates PriceBuy Iranian dates at the best price in 2022
Types of Dates for Export From Iran

Iranian Dates [Best Price in 2022] – Nutex Company, is one of the companies producing Iranian dates. This manufacturer offers its products in quality packaging and in accordance with export standards. It is also possible to provide packaging with customer labels in this Iranian date company. This company offers the best dates with the highest quality and meets the needs of international markets throughout the year in up-to-date and modern packaging according to the needs of its domestic and foreign customers.

Iranian Dates [Best Price in 2022] – Nutex Company

Iranian Dates [Best Price in 2022] - Nutex Company

Iranian Dates

Iran is one of the leading manufacturers of dates globally, which has achieved this priority due to its geographical location. Iranian dates, one of the most essential and well-known exporting products worldwide, are exported to many countries around the world, and many importers worldwide tend to buy Iranian dates every year. Iranian dates are rich in minerals and vitamins and have unique features that make them unique compared to other dates and have a great taste; this desirable taste is known worldwide and has high marketability.

What are dates?

What are dates?_ Nutex Company

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits. Dates or Rotab is a sweet fruit with a hard seed and thin skin and hangs from a palm tree branch. Dates have been consumed orally for many years. This tropical fruit has many medicinal properties and, due to its delicious taste, is highly used to prepare sweets, cakes, and products such as chopped dates, date paste, and date syrup, etc.

Iranian Dates Types

Iranian Dates Types_ Nutex Company

Iran is one of the most notable dates manufacturers globally, which with a high annual tonnage of dates, has a significant share in the producing and exporting dates around the world. Date cultivation is done in many southern provinces of Iran, and many types of dates are cultivated in these provinces, which are as follows:

− Mazafati Dates
− Piarom Dates
− Rabbi Dates
− Sayer Dates
− Shahani Dates
− Kali Dates
− Kabkab Dates
− Zahedi Dates
− Khassui Dates
− Medjool Dates

Iranian Dates Price

Iranian Dates Price _ Tejarat Pouya Company (Nutex)

What factors influence the Iranian dates price, and how is the Iranian dates price determined? Iranian dates are among the popular dates in international markets that are sold at different prices. The Iranian dates price and the Iranian dates wholesale price depend on many factors, including product quality, packaging, place of cultivation, storage, transportation conditions, etc. Of course, it should be noted that supplying Iranian dates in bulk also has advantages such as lower and more affordable prices. Therefore, in general, the Iranian date’s wholesale price has a more appropriate and cost-effective price.

At present, Tejarat Pouya(Nutex)Company, one of the most well-known Iranian dates manufacturer companies, offers these products directly and at an affordable price and competitive price.

To know about the Iranian dates price, you can contact the sales experts of this Iranian dates company through WhatsApp and email.

Buy Iranian dates at the best price in 2022

Buy Iranian dates at the best price in 2022_ Nutex Company

Annually, significant quantities of Iranian dates are exported to many countries worldwide, and Iranian dates are exported to more than 70 countries. Currently, many countries are looking to buy Iranian dates.

Buying Iranian dates from this Iranian dates manufacturer is done both in-person and online. To buy Iranian dates and know the exact Iranian dates price and the Iranian dates wholesale price, the best way is to communicate with the most reputable Iranian dates suppliers.

Nutex Company is one of the main Iranian dates suppliers, annually supplying a high tonnage of Iranian dates all over the world.

You can contact us through WhatsApp and email of our Iranian date company and receive the product you want with the highest quality and in the shortest possible time.

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