German Food Fair (Anoga) 2021 – Nutex Company in (Anoga) 2021

Introducing the ANUGA Cologne Food FairBenefits for business visitors and exhibitors of the ANUGA Cologne Food FairABUOT NUTEX

German Food Fair (Anoga) 2021 – Nutex Company in (Anoga) 2021: The German Food Fair (Anoga) will be held from October 17 to 21, 1400 in Cologne, Germany. The German Food Fair (Anoga) is the world’s leading food fair for retail, food services and catering markets. This special exhibition, which consists of ten separate trade fairs under one roof and focuses on future trends, not only provides the necessary answers to your questions, but also gives you the opportunity to communicate with decision makers who are transparent.

Creates effective answers. There are countless sources of inspiration throughout the 5-square-foot exhibition space, and along with showcasing future market trends, exciting complementary programs and the need for great business opportunities await you. In the previous period, about 3 business visitors from 6 countries participated. Attend this exhibition to meet with 6 exhibitors from 6 countries.

Dubai Expo 2021 – Nutex Company in Expo 2021 : Nutex International Company is participating in the World Expo with the aim of expanding international relations in order to create the future and connect minds. In the continuation of this article, we intend to provide you with complete information about this exhibition.

Introducing the ANUGA Cologne Food Fair

If we want to introduce the most important food and beverage trade fair in the world, it is definitely the ANUGA Cologne food fair, which is completely commercial and includes about ten food quality fairs. This exhibition is active in the field of food services, catering and retail trade and is usually very well received by exhibitors and visitors.

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The ANUGA Cologne Food Fair usually examines very important issues such as the supply and demand of the people and the future development of food, and tries to design and produce products and programs in accordance with the needs of the people in the beverage and food industry.

Benefits for business visitors and exhibitors of the ANUGA Cologne Food Fair

As a business visitor to a food fair for a few days, you can get a glimpse of the food market, connect with international traders, enjoy unique events, and decide for yourself.

People who are exhibitors at the ANUGA Cologne Food Fair also have a good opportunity to meet big companies in the field and can find good job opportunities to improve their work process, use it in news interviews to become better known, and Attract more audiences.


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