Buy cheap mamra almonds

The best choice to buy mamra almondsBenefits of Mamra AlmondWhy Dorinam?

Buy cheap mamra almonds: One of the best tree almonds is mamra almond, which has many fans. If you want to buy mamra almond at the cheapest price and the highest quality, contact the supplier directly.

Dorinam is a direct supplier of Iranian mamra almonds

Mamra almonds Focal suppliers

The best choice to buy mamra almonds

The best choice for buying and selling Iranian mamra almonds is Dorinam Company, because Dorinam, with its specialized team of hardworking farmers, produces the best mamra almonds in different sizes and is ready to sell and export. Due to its high quality and value, mamra almonds are usually considered by traders for export to different countries. One of the best characteristics of mamra almond is that its tree is late flowering and this makes the midwifery almond tree very resistant to various pests and diseases.

The fruit of the mamra tree is early and also has a very hard woody shell and a delicious and sweet crispy kernel.

Fresh mamra almonds different types

This type of almond is usually used in food industry in powder and slices and also in nuts as raw and salted.  mamra almond is an expensive almond. The best brands of cosmetics use midwifery almond to produce medicinal products

Leaving aside the compliments, mamra almond is the best almond in the world, which is produced only in Iran and is used for nuts and other uses.

Benefits of Mamra Almond

Characteristics of the best mamra almonds

It is very useful and valuable for strengthening people’s memory as well as providing physical strength, and the best way to prepare it is to take hard almond skin, grind it and also mix it with beer and honey. It is recommended for all middle-aged and adult people, as well as teenagers and athletes.

To buy mamra almonds, ask the price from its direct producer. We are a direct producer of mamra almonds. Due to having hectares of farm in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province and having a head packing and preparation factory, we are one of the best suppliers of mamra almonds in the country.

Why Dorinam?

For many years, the Dorinam large family has owned a significant part of the agricultural lands of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and the Zayandeh River. Our main farms are mamra almonds and other almonds. For years, we have taken an important step for the country in terms of producing and supplying mamra almonds.

We have provided the conditions of direct purchase for our dear customers, many buyers first buy from us as a sample and after a short time, conclude contracts with us and according to the quality and trust they have in us, provide us as a supply. They know their ultimate.

Our customers are divided into several categories: the country’s wholesalers, large chain stores, respected Iranian businessmen, Arab businessmen, European businessmen and traders who are engaged in the exchange of goods.

We provide almonds to our dear customers without any intermediaries and this has caused our reputation among our dear customers to be very high.

Best almonds exporting countries

It is noteworthy that many of our customers are introduced to us by previous customers, choose us and buy our products without any worries.

Our mission is to preserve the value of almonds, the value of almonds is preserved when it is not mixed, we have different almonds plus mamra almonds, but we do not allow interference.

After picking from the tree, all the almonds enter the automatic head machine and are packaged, and all the bitter and sweet almonds are separated and packaged by laser.

Mamra almonds Focal suppliers

To buy mamra almonds, contact the sales manager of Dorinam company. We will send your purchased almonds to the destinations you specify, and for export, we have standard export packaging, and we will send it to the port of your choice. Has a professional export team. We even allow traders to use our export team to export almonds, and we export almonds to them.

To buy cheap mamra almonds, please contact the sales manager of Dorinam company